Thanksgiving Treat: Free Superheroes in Time for Justice League and Thor

Just in time for Superhero season–oh, and Thanksgiving and Black Friday too. All these occasions combined, plus my desire to try out BookFunnel as a free ebook delivery service.


So right now (and in the near future) you can click on this easy link and–BAM!–go straight to the landing page to download an epub or mobi/kindle file for Masks. Here’s the story on the story:

A doomsday cult has risen in Mesa City.

Signs of the Never-Ending Serpent haunt alleyways and nightmares, and the police seem powerless to stop it.  Medicine Man and Coyote stood against them and Coyote paid the ultimate price.  Her partner hasn’t been seen since.  Gone off the deep end, they say.

Is there no one who can save us from the End of Days?

Red Mantis doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he’s no stranger to combat.  And the mysterious Shadow Puppet appears impervious to death and everywhere at once.  But when faced with the true horrors of the Never-Ending Serpent, will these rookie saviors prove friends or foes?

Nakai and Nizoni Proudtree are Native American kids growing up on the wrong side of Mesa City, where it’s not cool to root for superheroes.  No wonder: the patron cape of the neighborhood is currently on a rampage.  Probably not a good idea to steal his car, then, even if it is for the right reasons…

Masks is a triple play of action, adventure, and pure pulp fun.  Combining the classic conventions of the genre with gritty new twists, this trio of superheroic tales is sure to please comic book fans young and old.  The featured story “Medicine Man” also earned an honorable mention in the Writers of the Future Contest.

So THANK YOU for reading, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, good luck fighting the starving masses on Arena Day (Black Friday), and when you’re all done, sit back and relax with a free digital copy of Masks!


Just in Time for Thor: Ragnarok


Is it that time already?! The movie kind of snuck up on me. I’ve been busy.

But that’s not the only surprise I found tonight…

I had submitted a superheroic story to Steve Beaulieu not long ago and didn’t know what to expect after that. Probably my own fault for not taking the time to pay more attention. And were it not for my wife posting a silly picture on Facebook and telling me to check it out, I would not have bothered to go on there (I hates me some Facebook) and, therefore, would not have seen the update from Steve saying that the book was coming out next week!

So as you, me, and every other nerd in the universe gear up for Thor: Ragnarok, you might consider a collection of new superhero–and supervillain--stories coming out at the same time.

Me and 12 other writers all have great tales to tell in Collateral Damage.  There’s also a paired collection of 12 misadventures from the bad guys’ points of view called Ha-Ha-Ha. 


Both of these are up for pre-order on Kindle Unlimited for only $0.99 right now.

But wait, there’s more!


Click here to see the whole series of four on one nice spread.

What a nice surprise, just in time for another superhero movie season!

Speaking of which, I’ll have a fun picture to share on Halloween (or the day after). Assuming I can squeeze into my damn costume after this week! (Been doing a lot of sitting in class and eating greasy shit. Not pretty…)


Still Working on New Life — Some Reading While You Wait

While you wait for what?  I don’t know.  Sounded good when I typed it.


Most of my time is being put into planning out the next chapter of my and my family’s lives.  I know anticipate leaving Japan in mid-January and 10 days later be effectively out of the Navy.  (Or at least on terminal leave.)  There’s a lot to figure out, and it isn’t easy when you’re thousands of miles away.

In the meantime, here’s a new ebook bundle with two of my books in it!  You can find it and links to your favorite retailers by clicking here.






Book Bundle Mania

fullboxset-xI actually have SEVEN book bundles going at the moment.

That’s something like 100 books you can buy for whatever chump change happens to be in your pocket!  

Of course, you don’t have to buy them all!  There are different bundles grouped together by genre and theme.  Mysteries, scary stuff, sci-fi, superheroes, and more.

What is a “book bundle”?  It’s when multiple stories and/or novels from multiple authors with a common theme or genre all band together to offer you a big burst of books for super cheap.  And they’re available on several book retail sites, whether you prefer Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, what-have-you.

The following bundles have my books in them:

Finding the Detectives

Capes, Masks, and Spandex

Crimes, Capers, and Rule-Breakers

Heroic Tales

Out of This World

Summer in the City 

Duty, Honor, Country

There may even be one or two more with my stuff still floating around from last year.

But you can browse all the current bundles at by clicking here. 

(Updated on OCT 26 — I now have SEVEN bundles, not SIX. Duty, Honor, Country, baby!)


Another EBook Bundle! Detective, Noir, Mystery, Scifi, and More!

Yet another awesome book bundle featuring some of my work: the “Watching the Detectives” bundle.


Here’s the schpiel:

Watching The Detectives is a 9 boxset of mystery, magic, and science fiction noir by some of today’s best writers! 

Death Warmed Over By Kevin J. Anderson

Whisper Bound By Bonnie Elizabeth

Earthshaker By Robert Jeschonek

Floxham Island ~ Sinclair V-Log AZ267/M By Merita King

With Death You Get the Eggrolls By Russ Crossley

Eating in the Underworld By J. D. Brink

Thomas Hunter Files By Andrew Michael Schwarz

Rose Head By Robert Jeschonek

Cold Call By Dean Wesley Smith

Pay a minimum of $2.99 USD and receive all 9 ebooks. This option is also available at KoboAmazoniBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Click here to check it out on



Free Audiobook: Superheroes & Space Opera Collide


My super fun short novel INVASION has finally come out in audio!  It’s been literally a year in production, but the result has been well worth the wait!

The great folks at The Voices in Our Heads have turned INVASION into an audiobook with voice talents Anthony Bowling and E. L. Loren.  They have brought my characters to life in a way I never could.  It’s been fun working with them and listening to how they’ve improved upon the black and white words that I had merely laid down on a page.

You can find the audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iBooks now.

But wait, didn’t I say something about “free“???

Well, I do have some promotion download codes I could give out.  But they are there for, as I just said, promotional purposes…  Which means, if you were to get one of these free download codes, I would kind of expect (well, not really “expect,” but certainly hope!) that you’d take a minute to rate the book and/or leave a short review.

That’s fair, isn’t it?  I give you 3 hours and 13 minutes of entertainment for free, and you give me just 4 minutes of your time to write a very short and honest comment about what you thought of it.  (And you might also tell your friends, blog audience, whomever about it too…)

So how do you get one of these free audiobooks?  Well, if you’ve managed to read this far down the page, you’re already on the right track!

The FIRST TEN PEOPLE to email me asking for a chance to listen to this book for free will get themselves one of these limited-edition, highly coveted download codes on

You don’t have an Audible account yet?  No problem! It’s an Amazon company, so if your Amazon account doesn’t get you access (I’m actually not sure if it does or not), you at least know it’s a trustworthy and reliable distributor of entertainment.

So email me at and just ask for it.  It’s yours!  (While supplies last, that is.)

p.s.  There is some adult content in this one.  I’d rate it at least PG-13, maybe R, for language and a few bouts of brief sexual content (nothing explicit, but I wouldn’t read it to my 6 year old, I will say that.)