Two Secret Projects and NaNoWriMo


Life has been tumultuous here for me, and continues to be as I have some fresh self-inflicted changes coming ’round again. But next week is both my birthday and Thanksgiving, so it’l be a good a week! (My belly will approve, at any rate!) I’m also in the process of trying to switch my biological clock from nights shifts back to day living. It’s 1:30am right now, so that’s a slow-going process.

I have also been working on two “top secret” projects these last couple months.

The first was a short story inspired one day in September as I was eating in the mall foodcourt. (Who doesn’t get inspiration in a place like that, right??!) Seriously, it turned out to be a story I’m proud of and it’s making the rounds for publication right now. So I can’t talk too much about it. But I can tell you there’s biting of the neck and a striking parallel to some real world shit gong on in the U.S. these days.

The second is a new book about writing. More specifically, self-publishing and the writer’s journey. It just went live a couple days ago and is currently only available on Amazon. The book started out as a blog series right here on this website and has now grown into a 140-page book! (Amazon says it’s 115 pages, but when the paperback version comes out, I’m pretty sure it’ll be more like 140.)

I may publish the whole thing right here on this blog, one chapter at a time, eventually. I can’t right now because I went ahead and did the exclusive KDP Select deal on Amazon. The benefit is that, if you’re a prime member, you can potentially get the book for free. When my 90 days is up on that deal, though, I’m going wide. So if you’re an Amazon member, now is the time to score a free book.

I wanted to get it out in time for National Novel Writing Month. People all over the world take on the challenge of cramming in some serious writing in the month of November. I hope some of them will consider checking out my book on the subject. I’ve got 20 years of experience and advice to offer. This book isn’t about making it rich, quick. It’s about hanging on for the long haul and how to actually get your work in front of the reading public. If that interests you, go ahead and take a gander.

Come to think of it, it’s also “Mo-vember,” for mustache growing and men’s health awareness month, but I forgot about that until just this minute! Growing a goatee anyway! 🙂 (Which I no longer have to shave because I’ve officially switch from the Select Reserve (active reserves) to the Individual Ready Reserves (inactive). No more drilling means I can be as fat and hairy as I like! (Which I still plan to keep a leash on, but good to know I have that freedom now.)

Okay, going to do some editing on Deus Ex Machina (the long-promised superheroic sequel to Hungry Gods), which I still hope I might have out by Christmas–or January, at the very least. Then it’s off to bed!

Good night.