Batman, Robin, Spider-Man and a Very Super Halloween!


Just wanted to share some fun pics before the seasonal window closes.

I made it back to Japan in time for enjoy Halloween with my family. Trick or treating on base here is an amazing event. You don’t realize how many kids and families are here until Halloween night. And that’s then augmented by a number of Japanese folks coming aboard to celebrate this super-fun America tradition too. I’m assuming they don’t have this here in Japan, because they’re sure happy to jump in with us here on base.

Can you guess which of these jokers (pun intended) is me? I saw this costume online and had to have it! I love the old 60’s Batman show. (As evident in my story “Puppet Theatre”.) I was also very popular this season. I had a lot of folks posing for pictures with me, which was strange. Never been a celebrity before.


Oh, and the “BIFF” sign there?  Not mine. I was walking around to see everyone else’s costumes among the throngs and hordes of kids and parents rioting for candy that night, and ran into a very nice couple who had both a BIFF and a POW. They said they had made the signs before for a homemade Batman movie they’d done and insisted that I take one with me. They were so excited to bump into me if only for the irony of it all. And I was excited to have met them and to get such a cool and appropriate gift. If you happen to be reading this, Thanks again!

Hope everyone made the most of the season. No other time of year can we dress up and become someone else quite so easily, and join a wandering mob of sugar-hyper children of the corn doing the exact same thing! And if if you look like a dork, you can get away with it. Love this holiday!

And I’d love to see your costumes! Tell you what. If you email me a pic of you in costume and tell me what ebook of mine you’d like, I’ll respond with the file for your enjoyment! (And no pics of yours will be retained or shared for any reason. I promise to delete them right after I send you your reward.)

Send them to with “Halloween Reading” in the subject line, which book you’d like, and what format (epub, kindle, or pdf) you prefer.

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!