What’s next? Free books for life, that’s what!

I’m just about ready to move on to something new.

“Something new?” you might ask. “Didn’t you just have a brand new book come out last weekend?”

Yes, I did. But it wasn’t new, as I may have mentioned before. Everything in Green-Eyed Monster has been written for years! Some of it I’ve just been sitting on forever.

(And if you like short stories, I have another one coming out very soon in Weirdbook Magazine #41—hopefully by the end of May. I’ll keep you posted.)

I’ve also been working on some infrastructure stuff, like getting my mailing list going and rebuilding my website. I’m just about ready to throw the switch on the website, reverting everything from one to another and combining the content from them both.

Which is just more non-exciting crap. I hate paperwork and computer work and “business” work. I like writing.

The deadline I’ve set for myself is to return to writing the next book in June.

I say “return” because I already started that book last year and have it about a third of the way done. (Well, I thought I had a third of the way done, but the story has been evolving in my absence, so probably more like a quarter or less now.) I need to start from the beginning again, rework what’s there, and then finish it for release this fall.

What is it? you may ask.

It’s called Golden Age Heroes. It’s Book 3 in my Secret Origins series. It features some of the gritty, grown-up superheroes from my other books in the Identity Crisis Universe flashing back to World War Two.

Two teams of secret and superpowered agents for the Allies meet in Mussolini’s Italy, both charged with completing the same mission: investigate the Nazi’s occult activities in Egypt and prevent the Axis from using magic as a weapon of war.

It’ll be fun.



If you’ve read Hungry Gods and Deus Ex Machina, you’ll recognize some of the main characters in this story.

If you’ve already read Masks and Secret Identities, you know that the Secret Origin series helps fill in backgrounds and set up future storylines within this universe. (In fact, the heroes from Masks will be teaming up with Spitball next year, if all goes according to plan…)

Which brings me to the Free Books for Life bit…

Introducing the Conspiracy’s Inner Circle


The Inner Circle is the next level of participation in my Conspiracy of science fiction, fantasy, capes, and weird tales I’ve got going on.

(The Conspiracy, btw, is my newsletter and community of like-minded fiction fans. You can sign up by clicking here.) 

You may already know that I’ll sometimes drop freebies via the newsletter, special deals, a heads-up on promotions, etc. And I will continue to do so from time to time.

The Inner Circle is for those who don’t mind a little more. Those who are willing to get guaranteed free books in exchange for a little bit of their time–in the form of posted, honest reviews.

Now, it’s against Amazon policy (and ethics in general, in my opinion) to pay money or other physical rewards in exchange for reviews. But it’s perfectly acceptable to be given Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) for up-coming books in exchange for an honest review or quotable opinion on them. The publishing industry has been doing that forever. And the same applies for books already out, too.

And that’s what the Inner Circle is. In order for my books to compete with the MILLIONS of other books, apps, movies, games, etc out there these days, they need a little street cred. Social proof. Reviews show that someone has read the book. Hopefully, lots of someones have.

When you, yourself, shop for something new to read, you likely give the reviews a glance. If there are more 1-stars than 5-stars, you probably don’t read it. Because other people have read it and shared their opinions. They’re either warning you away or encouraging you to read it too. They want you to know what to expect from that book and whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

If there’s a book out there with NO reviews, NO stars, or maybe just a few of them, you might pass it by. It hasn’t proven its worth yet enough for you to spend money on it. You want to know more about it before proceeding.

Am I right?

Same thing for everyone else. Which is why getting reviews on books is necessary for independent authors like myself who don’t have giant publishing companies backing them up.

So if that sounds like something you might be interested in—free books in exchange for honest reviews about those books—just click here or the button below.

Please do NOT click if you’re just looking to score more free stuff that you may never bother reading. Or know you’ll read but never review.

That’s not what this is. The Inner Circle is a partnership. We both get something out of it. Just grabbing as many freebies as you can is not a partnership.

And I’m looking for partners here.

The Illuminati doesn’t invite just anyone to gather under darkness to plan the fate of the world. You join because you want to be part of something.

And I want you to be part of it too.

If you’re interested in lots of fun entertainment with no monetary price tag, and in telling the world what you honestly thought of the reading experience, please join us.

(I’ll teach you the secret handshake later.)


Last Day at $0.99

Exploring space from astronomy center

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To pre-order it for a buck now, just select your favorite ebook retailer below.


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Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day, all you muthas… I mean, mothers.

Have You Read This Yet? (Part 1)


Okay, I’m going to blog this the lazy way. Sorry, but it’s 9pm on Friday night and I have more things to get done — “miles to go before I sleep” and all that.

So here’s the deal: I just sent this via my Conspiracy Theory Newsletter. It’s a book review of these three books. If you’d like to check it out, please do by clicking the hyperlink you’re reading right now! (That way I don’t have to write it all over again and build in the images again…)

Simple enough, right?

Good night!