Street Cred

Listed here is my history of publishing credits outside of my novels and one-author collections.  Things like short stories in magazines, online zines, writing contests, and multi-author anthologies. (I am not, however, including book bundles that have included my work.)
I call this my “street cred.”



Collateral Damage anthology

November, 2017: “Tuesday Afternoon Mayhem”



Crimson Streets Anthology: A Story a Week

May, 2017: “Moondance”



Hiding Behind the Cowl anthology

May, 2017: “Secret Identities”



Cirsova #3, Hugo-nominated magazine

September, 2016: “The Lion’s Share”


crimstree  Crimson Streets Pulp Fiction

March, 2016: “Moondance”



Meerkat Press’s Love Hurts Anthology

December, 2015: “Green-Eyed Monster”



  Honorable Mention, 2014: “Medicine Man”

November, 2012: “Unfeeling”


  Finalist, 2012: “The Thorne Legacy”



Spring 2010: “Lonely”



  October 2009: “Mime”


November 2007: “Dreams of Flying”