Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis series (IDC) and Identity Crisis Universe (IDCU) represent my fun forays into the superhero world of comic books.  I grew up on ‘80s and ‘90s comics and still enjoy graphic storytelling mediums in my reading (both in and out of costume).
My goal with the all stories in the Identity Crisis universe is to put my own unique spin on the familiar tropes we fanboys and girls have grown to love.  I continue to ask myself, “What else do superheroes do?”  The answers result in new story ideas that combine gritty, mature realism with corny and colorful spandex.

HungryGods-miniAvengers and Watchmen meet The Walking Dead and Pulp Fiction.  Spandex adventure for adults.

Superheroes.  Undead.  ‘Nuff said.

The country’s premier superhero team is missing.  So when a mutant monstrosity goes on the rampage, it’s Spitball to the rescue!  He’s a third-string hero today, determined to be first-string tomorrow.

And the Army may be giving him just the chance he needs.  Spitball has been invited to undertake a secret mission into America’s heartland.  What he’s about to discover, however, is not a chance at stardom but a horror movie come to life…

 Hungry Gods is a fast-paced adventure of costumed superheroes, government conspiracy theories, and flesh-eating zombies.

Find it on: Amazon, Audible.comB&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, & more.

invasion-18-miniSuperheroes, space opera, and pure pulpy fun.

An orphan of alien gladiator circuits, Ballista now fights to protect her adopted home.  Nuclear colossus Adam Smasher is the most powerful man on the planet, with an ego to match.  And Symian’s inhuman genius could only be born from the unfettered jungles of the Congo.  Together they are the future’s greatest (dysfunctional) superhero team.

An attack on a new International Space Station thrusts Earth’s heroes onto the frontlines of an interstellar war.  But this battle will be like none they’ve faced before: fought not only against the black void of space, but also against the enemy within.

The future of the Identity Crisis Universe hangs in the balance.  J. D. Brink brings you another series of mature spandex adventure for grownup fanboys and fangirls, no matter your timeline.

Find it on: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, & more.

silk-spider-miniEight tuxedo-clad felons are committing copycat robberies, mimicking infamous criminals from the late ‘90s.  Normally, the Phenomenal Five wouldn’t bother with something as mundane as bank heists.  They’re superheroes.  They’re supposed to fight monsters, thwart terrorists, and jail supervillains.

That’s what Silk Spider tells herself, but the team has her on the case nonetheless.  She’s putting her detective skills to work, as well the vast resources of a superhero HQ.

She’s also jonesing for a cigarette.  And when she catches up to this new Eight-Ball Gang with her bullet-proof corset and denied urge for nicotine, she’ll make them sorry they ever put on their masks.

Behind the Eight-Ball is a supercharged, superheroic story of crime and justice, action and adventure, fantasy and science fiction, set in the mature spandex world of the Identity Crisis Universe.

Find it on Amazon , B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, & more..

dreamscover-story-miniHerb Collins doesn’t just dream about flying, he takes to the skies.  And as soon as this self-conscious grocery store manager can figure out a proper secret identity, he’ll be the biggest superhero Cleveland has ever seen!

But be careful what you wish for.  When Herb dons his costume and takes on his first, real super-powered fight, he learns a lesson he’ll never forget.

This short story, written ten years before Hungry Gods was ever conceived, features characters that have become lore in the Identity Crisis Universe.

Find it on: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, & more.

PT-OCT15-miniIn Mesa City, there’s one hero you can count on to defend justice.

Okay, there are two: the mysterious Shadow Puppet and that show-off, Mr. Wonderful.   The Shadow Puppet is thought to be dead.  And the man behind the mask almost prefers it that way.  But he just can’t let the Mr. Wonderfuls of the world get the best of him.

Tonight he returns from the grave!

“Puppet Theatre” is a fun short story that both blends and defies superhero stereotypes.  Also included are the first four chapters of the superhero/zombie novel Hungry Gods, flagship of the Identity Crisis Universe.

Find it on: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, & more.


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