Daily Disaster

Photo on 12-9-18 at 2.21 PM

This sums up my life right now.

After going to A LOT of trouble to get myself a snow blower (including having to pay way too much to rent a van to go pick it up), I tried to start it up to move it to the shed and… broke the damn cord.

I don’t blame the guy who sold it to me—no way he could have known that would happen. He’s a mechanic and agreed to fix it for 20 bucks. So add 20 to the mounting cost of the damn thing.

We better get a lot of snow this year…

On top of that, tried to change the light bulbs on the front outdoor lights. They were both broken inside and have come apart rather than unscrewed. So I’m screwed.

Bought two different items to address the safety issue of our fireplace, neither one has worked out. One didn’t fit, the other was missing parts.

So I’ve spent a lot of time going back and forth and getting nowhere. I’ve also gone back and forth a jobs. Starting my old teaching job AGAIN tomorrow. Long story on that one. And back and forth on Navy stuff too. You thought I was out of the Navy? So did I…

Those are just some of the reasons why this blog has been seriously neglected. I’d LIKE to blog about more than when I have a book on sale or coming out, but who has the time???

One of my planned resolutions for the new year is to do just that. Blog once a week, and at least 3 a month NOT be just about my books. I don’t want to just ram sales shit down everyone’s throats. I just don’t have time for pleasantries.

Speaking of which, more new book announcements on the way soon…

In the meantime, I hope everyone is making more real life progress than I am right now.




A Turkey Day Gift

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you in the U.S., today is the first day of Eating Season. I hope you have your sweat pants on, ‘cuz that waistline won’t look the same by day’s end!

This post started as an email to only those on my mailing list, but then I figured, It’s Thanksgiving! And I’m thankful for every set of eyeballs that land on this blog, too, so why not share with everyone?

I have to get to work on the sweat potatoes here shortly. This will be my first Thanksgiving back home since my exit from the Navy. I’ve been in twice now and both times–a total of almost 14 years–I spent most holidays far away. So it’ll be nice to have my nuclear family able to finally join in the festivities with my greater family.

And I’m making the sweat potatoes! They may be disappointed, though, because I’m not planning to follow the recipe my mom’s been following for the last several decades. I’m reducing the extra sugar content and going my own way with real (not canned) yams! Gasp! Oh no! Why did Jeremy have to come home and ruin Thanksgiving?!

But before I get cooking, I want to get at least one chapter of Deus Ex Machina revised. I’m on chapter 9 right now and have set a deadline of December 10th to have all 37 or so completed and ready for the editor. DXM is book 2 of my Identity Crisis series, following the superheroes and zombies novel Hungry Gods. I hope to have DXM up for pre-order by the end of December, maybe even by X-mas.

To that end, here’s my THXGVG gift for you: a FREE ebook download of Hungry Gods. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a shot. If you’re not sure if you like superheroes, give it a shot anyway. It’s free, right? No strings attached, I promise! You might be surprised. My books aren’t written for children and are probably a bit different than the vast majority of spandex books out there. HG is part capes, part horror, and part humor. And again, it’s free, so it doesn’t hurt to try!


Download it before your trip so you’ll have an escape from Aunt Suzy and drunken Uncle Sammy! Share it with your family so they can get an escape too! Let Sammy and Suzy fight it out with drumsticks while the rest of you are hiding with your e-readers in the next room. 🙂 And it’ll give you something to read while you’re waiting for the Black Friday riots to quiet down.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

J. D. Brink

Two Secret Projects and NaNoWriMo


Life has been tumultuous here for me, and continues to be as I have some fresh self-inflicted changes coming ’round again. But next week is both my birthday and Thanksgiving, so it’l be a good a week! (My belly will approve, at any rate!) I’m also in the process of trying to switch my biological clock from nights shifts back to day living. It’s 1:30am right now, so that’s a slow-going process.

I have also been working on two “top secret” projects these last couple months.

The first was a short story inspired one day in September as I was eating in the mall foodcourt. (Who doesn’t get inspiration in a place like that, right??!) Seriously, it turned out to be a story I’m proud of and it’s making the rounds for publication right now. So I can’t talk too much about it. But I can tell you there’s biting of the neck and a striking parallel to some real world shit gong on in the U.S. these days.

The second is a new book about writing. More specifically, self-publishing and the writer’s journey. It just went live a couple days ago and is currently only available on Amazon. The book started out as a blog series right here on this website and has now grown into a 140-page book! (Amazon says it’s 115 pages, but when the paperback version comes out, I’m pretty sure it’ll be more like 140.)

I may publish the whole thing right here on this blog, one chapter at a time, eventually. I can’t right now because I went ahead and did the exclusive KDP Select deal on Amazon. The benefit is that, if you’re a prime member, you can potentially get the book for free. When my 90 days is up on that deal, though, I’m going wide. So if you’re an Amazon member, now is the time to score a free book.

I wanted to get it out in time for National Novel Writing Month. People all over the world take on the challenge of cramming in some serious writing in the month of November. I hope some of them will consider checking out my book on the subject. I’ve got 20 years of experience and advice to offer. This book isn’t about making it rich, quick. It’s about hanging on for the long haul and how to actually get your work in front of the reading public. If that interests you, go ahead and take a gander.

Come to think of it, it’s also “Mo-vember,” for mustache growing and men’s health awareness month, but I forgot about that until just this minute! Growing a goatee anyway! 🙂 (Which I no longer have to shave because I’ve officially switch from the Select Reserve (active reserves) to the Individual Ready Reserves (inactive). No more drilling means I can be as fat and hairy as I like! (Which I still plan to keep a leash on, but good to know I have that freedom now.)

Okay, going to do some editing on Deus Ex Machina (the long-promised superheroic sequel to Hungry Gods), which I still hope I might have out by Christmas–or January, at the very least. Then it’s off to bed!

Good night.

Free for Halloween: Superheroes and Vile Villains!


Collateral Damage, and all the Superheroes and Vile Villains books, are FREE right now on Amazon. These are four collections of short stories featuring spandex-clad goodies and baddies doing what they do best! Grab them while they’re free!

What’s that, you say?

I only come on here to tell you when to go get shit?

Yeah, I know. (Hangs head in shame.)

I’m a busy guy right now! Still on hospital orientation for the new job, possibly getting over to the inactive side of the Navy Reserves soon (yeah! more freedom!), and it’s Halloween for goblin’s sake! Mostly off of work today but have school work to do for the job, then trick or treating later.

I have been working on some writing though, just in time for Nanowrimo. It’s a book about writing that I hoped would be out by tomorrow but I just finished the second draft last night. So maybe out next week? It’s not a holy tome full of instant success secrets or anything (and I hope you wouldn’t believe me if I said it was), but it does feature some secrets. More on that soon.

I’ll be going to night shifts for a month starting next week. I hope that means I’ll have more time to do writing stuff, such as get Deus Ex Machina through the second draft (finally!) and some other stuff. The night shift thing is a two-sided coin though. (Aren’t all coins two sided?) I get more time to myself, but I’m also tired as hell. So we’ll see how that works out.

Meantime, if you like superhero short stories, pick up a volume or three of Superheroes and Vile Villains!


Halloween Is Near! Don’t Miss This!


The end is nigh!

The end of the October Book Lovers’ Box!

You may have heard of subscription services where you get goodies in the mail every month. You may even be a member of such a service! All you do it sign up and every month, like clockwork, you get a nice package chock full of goodies, all related to that month’s theme.

It’s a digital box stuffed with stories and novels, coming to you every month. This month being October, the box is naturally brimming over with rotten corpses and cursed heirlooms!


(Okay, this post is mostly a carbon copy of an earlier post. Sorry for my lack of originality! But I’ve been super-busy with the new job, taking a class with lots of reading, and editing my Indie Writer Top Secret Codewords book. Anyway, on with the October box set!)

I’m talking about the Pikko’s House Book Lovers Box. There are literally thousands of happy readers signed up for this service, and you can join them. Just check out https://www.pikkoshouse.com/box/  Past themes include a mythology box, end of the world, sci-fi box, fantasy, romance… You name it, it’s a theme. This month not your thing? That’s okay. Take the goodies, share them with someone else, and wait for next month, when you’ll get a dozen or so books you do like!

I’ll let the curator describe it herself; she’ll do a better job than I can:

What is a digital subscription box?

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what a digital subscription box is. Think one of those cool curated subscription boxes you get in the mail, only this one doesn’t come in the mail, it comes via email.

You see, the thing about real subscription boxes is, while they’re fun to open, in the end they essentially amount to clutter (except for the delicious snack ones, cause you just eat those).

So instead of a physical box, I’m offering a digital box of fun things for people who love to read. Free ebooks, ebook deals, tips for writers and freelancers, book giveaways, extended versions of my webcomic, SimpleMarkup, that sort of thing. It’s still got that bit of a mystery surrounding it that’s so attractive in subscription boxes but without any of the physical downsides.

By signing up, you get access to the current box. Soon, I’ll also add archive pages for book-cover puzzles and comics. Join the fun!

As I said, October is Halloween themed: “Spooks and Ghouls.” And there’s 16 authors with horrible relics for you to enjoy!

  • Wicked Innocents by S.H. Livernois (ARC, limited to 80 copies)
  • Blood and Chaos by Bob Williams (99-cent series)
  • Between Life and Death: Dead Woman’s Journal by Ann Christy (free book)
  • Ruin: Kano’s Necromantic Comedy by Karl Radle (free review copy)
  • Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Box Set by J.L. Bryan (set of 3 free books)
  • Must Love Ghosts, Season 1 by Charity Tahmaseb (BookFunnel freebie)
  • Pretty When She Dies by Rhiannon Frater (99 cents)
  • Vitaortus by Dea Schofield (free novel)
  • Black Candle by by H.P. Bayne (BookFunnel freebie)
  • The Blood Singer by Patrick McNulty (BookFunnel freebie)
  • Soul Breaker by Clara Coulson (free series starter)
  • Infection by Philip Harris (free series prequel)
  • The Raventree Society, Episode 1 by J.E. Purrazzi (BookFunnel freebie)
  • The Secret Diary of Helen Blackstone by Michele Pariza Wacek (BookFunnel freebie)
  • Hungry Gods by J.D. Brink (free novel)
  • Hawk Hallow by J.D. Oliva (BookFunnel freebie)

Yeah, one of mine is in there too. 🙂

If you’re interested, hop on over and check it out. Some of those goodies come in limited quantities, so it’s first come, first served. Enjoy!


Tattoo Friday


A couple weeks ago, Facebook was kind enough to remind me of a post from a few years back. (Thanks AI Overlord… I guess…) I saved the pics to my desktop and have been meaning to post them here for poops and giggles.

This was one day when I was napping on the couch or something. (Which I never do–who’s got time for that?!) I specifically told the artist I wanted my tattoo to look like “an old black-and-white monster movie,” but this day the fam decided it would look better in color.


Please ignore the hairiness and other unsightly features. 🙂

In other news, does anyone know jack shit about all these modern author-oriented cyber gadgets out there? Automating email, setting up a landing page for free book downloads, stuff like that? I’m a bit of a luddite and a savage and all this cyber shit that’s making everyone else rich just confuses me. 😦

I’m also hoping to start revising the second draft on Deus Ex Machina so it can be out by Christmas or New Years. I have kind of decided that I can’t bother with trying to write any new words for the rest of the year in order to get all this other stuff done. Doesn’t help to have book two of a series in draft form if you never get around to finishing it off.

Plus I need to figure out this internet thingie, plus a bunch of other things around the house I sill haven’t gotten done in the last 5 months. But my four-day weekend is actually a two-day, ‘cuz I have Navy Reserves this Sat-Sun, and Friday is already about gone. And Monday I really need to study up on taking care of cardiac patients. Geez, these civilian hospitals are full of sick people! In the Navy, everyone is young and healthy. It’s a bit of a learning curve.

But we bought some lottery tickets that are sure to free me from the day job tonight! C’mon baby, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies…!

Okay, enough whining from me! Enjoy your weekend, everybody!