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This page will grow over time, as our cult–I mean, community–grows.
No really, we’re in this together.  Without you, I’m just talking to myself.

Conspiracy News Letter

It’s not what it sounds like.  I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat as I type this.  (Because those don’t work anymore–tech has changed…)

Really, this is just my author’s newsletter.  A few times a year I’ll send out a newsletter with updates on me, my work, what’s coming out, what’s on sale or free somewhere, etc.  It’s very low key.  I promise not to spam-bomb your inbox or anything. 🙂

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I often go to a coffee shop or similar venue to do my writing.

Clichéd, right?  Are you one of those people who always wonder, Why the hell do they come here to write?  Just to show off?  To be a hipster?  What’s the deal?!

Well, I don’t know about everyone else, I just know about me.  And me?  I do it because I need a certain atmosphere to make my magic work.

Okay, I don’t NEED that atmosphere. In fact, I’m trying to train myself NOT to think that I need it. But I do know this: I can’t get jack shit done at home. If my family isn’t interrupting me, I will interrupt myself. There’s always plenty of juicy distractions at home. If I want to get serious and do my damn work, I need to get out of the house.

I have tried locking myself in a nice quiet little study room at the local library.  But that doesn’t work either. Too quiet, too isolated, and I feel bottled up.  My creative juices get stagnant.

So I seek a balance. Somewhere that I can be alone at my little table, but not so alone that I can hear my own heartbeat and get antsy. A coffee shop or restaurant provide a nice mix of the two. And sometimes I even take inspiration from my surroundings to fill in details about people, places or things in what I’m writing at that moment. Hard to do that if you’re locked in a closet all by yourself.

The downside is the rent. Most places don’t want you sucking up table space unless you pay for it. By buying a cup of joe, for example. So there’s a daily cost to doing that.

So why am I writing all this on a page called “Join Us”?  Well…

If you’d like to sponsor one such writing session, I’d be happy to provide an avenue for you to do that. You can buy me a mug or drop me a tip or show a tiny token of your appreciation, if you wish, at and sending electronic coins there. Every drop of coffee/cocoa/whatever helps further my work.

So if you do wish to do that, THANK YOU from the bottom of my mug. And heart.

And if you REALLY feel compelled to help out, you can sponsor one cup of coffee a month on an ongoing basis. Check out my Patreon page for details. As little as $1 a month gets you everything I publish, sent straight to you. Plus little monthly tidbits I share to subscribers on my page.

If you are thinking about doing this, THANK YOU each and every month from the bottom of my heart!



Are you familiar with Patreon?  Click here to learn what it’s all about.

It’s genius, really.  The old-world concept that artists were supported by patrons who pitched in to keep them producing paintings or plays instead of being stuck day-in and day-out working in the mill.  Hard to produce art when you have to work 50+ hours a week just to pay the bills.

It’s not for everybody and I feel shy and ashamed about asking for such a thing.  But if you’re willing, I won’t stop you…

Click here to check out my Patreon page and become a Hero of the Empire! 

And THANK YOU to all who are supporting my art, past and present.

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