The Many Worlds of J. D. Brink

Discover these and more tales of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror.

My books are organized by universes and/or themes.

You can find those universes displayed below, represented by a single title and brief description. Clicking the headings will open a new window on the Fugitive Fiction homepage, where you can find all the titles for each universe and buttons to find those titles on your favorite retail sites.

(I know it’s kind of annoying to have to go to a different site to see these books, but not as annoying as me making two totally separate sites with duplicate information. I stink at this cyber stuff! Someday I’ll be able to hire an expert to fix all this…)



Spandex for grown-ups.

The multiple series of the Identity Crisis Universe capture your favorite aspects of the superhero genre—colorful tights, amazing powers, selfless ideals—set in a realistic world of mature themes and characters.

Well, not always mature characters…


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Everyone knows the stories of the Colors Three.  That trio of adventurers who traveled the breadth of these realms in the post-war years, stalking the traitorous Crescent Moons and bringing justice to those downtrodden left in the Dread Duke’s wake.

Tavern masters have been spinning those tales for ten years.  Ian the Black and Trevor the Red are ten years older.  More so, for the warrior’s life is a hard one.  And Gregor the Golden?  Most likely dead along a mountain pass, in search of more glory than any mortal man needs.

Who, then, will defend Redfield when evil rises from the Blood Marsh?

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None surpass the Terran Host Combine in corporate greed and cunning politics. Though all other spatial nations were born from it, the Combine remains the undisputed superpower of the galaxy.

Until now.

Humanity has just been discovered by a new species. Creatures whose hearts are even more shallow and savage than our own.

But we’re not all so selfish and hateful. There is light in the darkness.

And heroes will rise…

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Hard-boiled detectives. Mob enforcers. The restless dead.

Novels and stories under “Grit & Shadows” do not share one universe, but they do have a common gut feeling, a chill of spinal nerves, and a strange taste for blood.

Whether it’s noir, horror, or gritty urban fantasy, the dark shades will have a sense of gravity that outweighs the light.

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