The Many Worlds of J. D. Brink

Discover these and more tales of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror.

This particular page is a bit skeletal.  This is pretty much everything in an outline format.  To see more (cover images, descriptions, and links to retailers), click on each hyperlinked “universe” heading.


Identity Crisis

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Superheroes for grown-ups.  The multiple series of the Identity Crisis Universe capture many of your favorite aspects of the genre—colorful tights, amazing powers, selfless ideals—set in a realistic world with more mature themes and characters.

Identity Crisis series

Hungry Gods  (IDC 1)

Secret Origins series

Masks (SO 1)

Secret Identities (SO 2)

Identity Crisis 2029 series

Invasion (IDC 2029 1)

Standalone IDCU stories

Dreams of Flying

Puppet Theatre

Silk Spider: Behind the Eight-Ball

Medicine Man


The Thunderstrike Saga 

Break away from typical coming-of-age tales and repetitive Tolkien-inspired fantasy.  The Thunderstrike Saga follows family legacy heroes during and after the World’s Shadow War.

Tarnish Trilogy

The Quest (Tarnish 1)

Among the Shadows (Tarnish 2)

Heroes & Villains (Tarnish 3)

Tarnish (Complete Trilogy Edition)

Standalone TTS stories

The Prince of Luster and Decay


 The Endless Dark


Galaxy-spanning space opera and adventurous science fiction.  Meet an array of futuristic yet relatable characters from every corner of known space.  From the soldiers and plutarchs of the Combine, to the rebels of the Outer Worlds, to nefarious and lovable space pirates.  What begins as a universe of multiple storylines will converge in a desperate race to save Humanity.

 Cold Stars series

The Thorne Legacy

The Scythe of Kronos


Grit and Shadows

Dark tales from the shadowy recesses of the mind.  A wide-ranging collection of mystery, noir, pulp, and horror that will have you dreaming in a moody fog of black and white.  And gory red…

Standalone G&S novels, stories, and collections

One-Eyed Jacks

Eating in the Underworld




The Prince and the Darkness

A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley