Avengers Ending…


A Few Things Ending, a Couple More Beginning…

Happy Saturday!

Were you one of the throng to go see the last Avengers movie?

I was. I definitely wanted to see it in-theatre, but wasn’t necessarily planning to see it Day One. It just worked out that way. My mom was staying with us and volunteered to watch my son while the wife and I went to the movies.

I wasn’t actually very excited about it. The commercials didn’t reveal much. Which is good, actually. In fact, once we decided to go, I avoided anything online that might have spoiled things for me. I’m not one to spend hours previewing all the crap online before seeing a movie. I want to experience it for myself, as it was intended.

So the lack of information available in regular ads and trailers was either because there were so many surprises or because it was going to be a big disappointment.

It wasn’t that last thing. I can tell you that.

It was a great way to end the series. It worked in so much stuff that was fitting for such a capstone… But I certainly don’t want to spoil it for you. If you’re a fan, go see it. In the theatre. Something this epic should be seen on the big screen. 🙂


Final days on two giveaways…


Two more things ending are the book promotion/giveaways I told you about a few weeks ago. When April ends, so will these. The Target Sci-Fi and Pikko’s House Epic Fantasy giveaways are wrapping up in the next few days. If you want to see what they have to offer, just click their names above.

And finally, a new beginning…


If you’re into superhero fiction (and I kinda hope you are), you might check out the new series launched this month by C. C. Ekeke.

You can find them on Amazon in various countries here.

Age of Heroes
Monsters Among Men

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!


More Free Books and Zombies in Your Kitchen


First, the Zombies…

Or lack of zombies.

I had to go out of town last week for my day job to Columbus, OH, which is about 2.5 hours from my current home. The good thing about this is that Nate, my former college roommate and my friend of over 20 years (holy shit, I’m getting old), lives close by. So I can spend the night at his pace and make an easy 30 minute drive into the head office the next morning.

Years ago, I bought a big board game called Zombicide. Like 5+ years ago. I’ve played it probably 3 times in those five years. So I took it down with me and we stayed up till 1am giving it a try. It’s a fun game and by midway through the kitchen table looked like a George Romero movie! There are little grey figurines of zombies clogging the streets! I had taken some pics on my cellphone that I intended to share, but my damn phone won’t give them up!

I hates cell phones…

(Did I mention that I’m a tech-fearing barbarian?)

Anyway, that’s the (lack of) zombies portion of our program.

Now I have three book promotions to share with you!

Magical Adventures Book Blast

The first is the Magical Adventures Book Blast, featuring a dozen fantasy books of various hues. They all have magic in common and will disappear at the end of this week!

So don’t delay. If fantasy is your thing, click the image or headline above and go browse these wares.

Target Sci-Fi

If science fiction is more your thing (or if you like both) check out this batch of goodies. There are 44 sci-fi books there to choose from. 

The catch?

Same as the catch on all these deals. You’re trading a free ebook download for signing up on the author’s email list. Like the one you’re reading this email through right now. (Not so bad, right?) It’s one way we unknown indies can be discovered by you lucky readers. 🙂

More Fantasy, You Say…?

You got it!

Here’s ten more fantasy books, offered up via Pikko’s House and their monthly book lovers’ box. Every month it’s a different theme and this month–that’s right–is epic fantasy.

So there you go. More books than you can possibly read! (More than I can read, at least. I’m slow.)

Have You Read This Yet? (Part 2)

Again in a hurry, I copied and pasted this from my email subcription service. Thus the funky block formations. The whole thing actually froze up the first time, so let’s see if this works this time…

Aaannddd…. it looks like the links don’t work. Shit.

It’s 11pm now, so I’m not fixing them. How many of you are actually reading this right now anyway? At least you know they exist. You can find these books with a few extra clicks. Sorry, but my circuits are blown at this point. Been doing computer work all day, just drove through a blizzard to get home, and it’s time for bed…

Enjoy what I did get the cyber gremlins to cooperate on below. 🙂


Happy Saturday, Fellow Conspirators.

Now for Part 2 of my “here’s some stuff to read” gazette. If you like superhero fiction, this is your weekend. (And I hope it’s not so much that I blow your circuits. It’s very rare for me to cram so much into one email, I promise!)

First, the self-aggrandizement: if you somehow haven’t scored a copy of Hungry Gods yet, you can get it for $0.99 this weekend only just about anywhere exceptAmazon. (I’m all for sharing the love—no reason Amazon should get it all.) You can click these links to find it on these sites:




Can rookie superhero Spitball stave off the zombie apocalypse?!

My fellow indies don’t always feel the same way about Amazon. (They might, for all I know, but the following links are all AMZ related.) If you’d like to check out some of the “local” talent, here’s a few more superhero books that might catch your fancy:

Trish Heinrich’s Serpent’s Sacrifice is also on sale at $0.99 right now.

Serpent’s Sacrifice is the first book in The Phantasm Trilogy, a twist on the popular superhero mythos. If you like brave heroines, chilling villains, and nail-biting action, then you’ll love the thrilling emergence of the Serpent!

N. K. Quin asks, How do you make an unstoppable killer robot even more lethal?

The answer: Put the mind of a sixteen year old girl inside it.

The Operative: Book 1 is on Amazon for $0.99 too. Or free, if you have Kindle Unlimited.

In Bounty, author J. D. Cunegan gives us a detective with strange secrets involving a tour in Iraq, a secretive cybernetic experiment, and a conspiracy that involves a native son.

Find a link to everywhere by clicking here.

C.M. Raymond and L. E. Barbant launched their new book Catalyst: Steel City Heroes Book 1 this weekend:cata A mad scientist fighting the laws of man and nature. A demon-monster of mythical proportions. A corporate conspiracy that goes back more than a century.

Whew! I’ve given you a lot of books to think about this weekend. Hope it wasn’t too much!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope there’s some reading involved.

Have You Read This Yet? (Part 1)


Okay, I’m going to blog this the lazy way. Sorry, but it’s 9pm on Friday night and I have more things to get done — “miles to go before I sleep” and all that.

So here’s the deal: I just sent this via my Conspiracy Theory Newsletter. It’s a book review of these three books. If you’d like to check it out, please do by clicking the hyperlink you’re reading right now! (That way I don’t have to write it all over again and build in the images again…)

Simple enough, right?

Good night!

Kiss Unpublished

kiss of the maiden

I just unpublished this short story, which I had posted as free everywhere April last year.

I decided it just wasn’t the first foot forward I wanted readers to discover.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the story, but it’s really the first chapter of a novel that doesn’t exist yet, and won’t anytime soon. (I just have too many other books to write first.) So as it stood, it was kind of a cool shark story that opened a door to more… with absolutely nothing on the other side of that door. Which probably isn’t that compelling to prospective readers…

Right now I’m thinking that, eventually, I will republish it with 2 other short stories in it, all of which could relate to that title: Kiss of the Maiden. In the other two cases, though, that kiss is from a deadly, supernatural woman. In the case of this story, it was a “maiden shark” on a distant planet.

Those other two stories are waiting to come back to me right now. One will be published in the next issue of Weirdbook Magazine, hopefully in May. The other is at the Writers of the Future Contest, which should have results any day now.

So it’ll be back. But for now, as it is… It just isn’t suited for the job I want it to do.

But, damn, do I like that cover!

Switching Websites AGAIN?!


I hate all this cyber-stuff. I’m not good at it. And let’s face it, WordPress is not the easiest thing in the world to work with. Especially for a tech-fearing, luddite barbarian like me.

I feel like that evil scientist woman in Superman III getting assimilated….


I discovered a new author website system put out by a now-millionaire guru I’ve subscribed to, and it is an awesome website builder specifically designed for authors, but… It cost $60 a month to use it! Holy greenbacks, Superman! It’s nice, but that’s plain silly! I can get a premium set-up from another provider for a third of that.

Which is probably what I’m going to do, although I really hate starting over again. In 2015 (I think) I started this website, abandoning my Blogspot site and several years of blogging there, and it was a bear to restart then. I hate to have to manually rebuild everything from scratch. But if I can get one of those nice “drag and drop” systems… That’s easy. And I can build it over time.

Besides, if I’m going to start paying for it, I might as well be paying for something easy to use with the bells and whistles I want.

So stand by.

I hope all you nice subscriber folks will follow me over to my new site, if/when that happens. It’ll probably still be “Brinks Chaos Theory” since I’ve purchased that domain, but I doubt I can migrate my follows over.

I’ll let you know if/when the move happens. I’m on spring break this week, in between quarters at the nursing college where I teach. So aside from a lot of more painful tasks to be done (like my taxes!) I’m hoping to get some infrastructure stuff done for the ol’ writing biz. Actually updated a handful of book cover designs this morning, and they look good! Best one is this:

Confident superhero standing with arms crossed

Way better, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Okay, watch for developments. I’m fending off the urge to write new material so I can get more of the publishing side of things handled. Not easy for me–neither the fending off writing nor the publishing/admin tasking.

I have this new collection about ready to come out, too, but need to establish the infrastructure stuff first. I also made this cover myself. (Not too shabby, eh?)

Exploring space from astronomy center

Okay, work to do.

Or sleeping to do. It is after 11pm now.

Or maybe video games to do…?

Decisions, decisions…