Book Bundle Mania

fullboxset-xI actually have SIX book bundles going at the moment.

That’s something like 100 books you can buy for whatever chump change happens to be in your pocket!  

Of course, you don’t have to buy them all!  There are different bundles grouped together by genre and theme.  Mysteries, scary stuff, sci-fi, superheroes, and more.

What is a “book bundle”?  It’s when multiple stories and/or novels from multiple authors with a common theme or genre all band together to offer you a big burst of books for super cheap.  And they’re available on several book retail sites, whether you prefer Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, what-have-you.

The following bundles have my books in them:

Finding the Detectives

Capes, Masks, and Spandex

Crimes, Capers, and Rule-Breakers

Heroic Tales

Out of This World

Summer in the City (starts September 18)

There may even be one or two more with my stuff still floating around from last year.

But you can browse all the current bundles at by clicking here. 



Issue 6 Out In All Formats!

Get Your Hands on Some Fun Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction for Just a Few Bucks! If you enjoy genre adventures of all kinds, do yourself (and some indie writers and publishers) a favor and give Cirsova a try.


Had some issues with the softcovers going live, but they’re up now.

You can buy either eBook or softcover copies of issue 6 here on Amazon.

Softcover copies are only $8.50!

We really need a good September, as the coffers are dry and we’re running on fumes! If you missed the Kickstarter and have been waiting for your chance to get your hands on issue 6, now’s your chance!

Issue 6 Cover 3 censored Front Only

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Atomic Blonde Movie Review


I think I can sum it up in two words: “HOLY SHIT!”

I’m not going to go full-blown analytical review.  Don’t want to give away any spoilers or anything.  I’m not sure when this released in the States, but we just recently got it on base here and the wife and I went to see it.  After the dismal experience with Valerian we needed something to make us believe in movie-going again.  And this did it!

(BTW, I would be willing to write a list of complaints about Velarian but I’m trying not to be a downer on here.  “If you don’t have anything nice to say,” kind of thing.  I can generally tell from the ads if a movie is going to suck, so I was not surprised, but we needed a night out and The Fifth Element is one of our faves, so we decided to risk it.  Ten minutes into the movie and I would have been okay with leaving.  I was done with the two main characters after about 60 seconds with them.)

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be saying kickass things about Atomic Blonde.

Go see it in the theatre before it’s too late!  Cool spy movie without the corny gadgets—not that I don’t like corny gadgets, but this one didn’t need them.  Cool realism in the last days of East Berlin.  Action, ‘splosions, and rock and roll!  Just a great movie experience and a kickass time.  See it on the big screen with big booms.  (Get out of the house and off your phone, for God’s sake…!)

Really, it’s damn good summer movie.  Especially if you need a break away from costumes and magic and the like but still want some over the top excitement.

Progress–and Breaking My Wrist


Last night, in the wee hours, I published the above ebook: Frozen Heart.

This is actually a novelette (about 9,000 words), not a full-blown novel or what most might call a “book.” And it’s not new.  I wrote the first version of it (I think) while I was in nursing school, circa 2007.  It also appears as one of three sci-fi stories in my mini-collection (“book”) The Scythe of Kronos.

So it’s not new.  And it might not be what you’d call a full-blown book in and of itself.

You see what I did there?  I criticized and tore myself down.  Despite having accomplished something that millions of people talk about doing and only thousands actually ever accomplish.

Why do I do that???

In adding this new standalone publication to my roster of works published, I made a surprising discovery: so far in 2017, I have published about 122,500 words.  

That’s a lot of words.  More than many (maybe even most) indie authors get published in a year.  And it’s only August.  If I manage to get the novel done I’m working on by New Years, that’ll add 70,000 to 80,000 more to the total.

That’s something!

And yet for some reason, it’s hard for me to acknowledge that.  It nearly breaks my wrist to pat myself on the back.

It’s much easier for me to ridicule myself for not getting more done.

Ready for more of that?


So of that 122,500 words, only about 73,000 are “original words.”  Now, that does NOT mean I stole them from someone else.  It’s just my way of saying that 49,500 of them already appeared somewhere else.  Like Frozen Heart, which is in that other book I published earlier this year.  23,000 of them make up the novella Secret Identities, which was first published in the anthology Hiding Behind the Cowl a couple months before I put it out again as Book 2 of my Secret Origins series.  (So in that 122,500, I’m counting it twice, because it was published by them and me; it exists in the world in two different places.)

The optimist in me says that I should count every individual publication of each work.  The pessimist says that I shouldn’t.  So I do both.

And that’s okay, because both numbers are way better than I expected.  (If only I could convince myself of that!)

So here’s everything that’s come out so far this year (plus Cowl, above).  And the year ain’t done yet…


And now I’ve spent time blogging instead of working on that novel.  Excuse me while I go inflict Reminder Scars on myself with the cat-o-nine-tails in the corner… 


(Btw, if you click the images, it’ll take you to Amazon.  You don’t have to buy them on Amazon, they’re everywhere, but it was just easier to do that right now.  If you’d like to buy some, that is.)



Cirsova 2018 Lineup Announced

Cirsova 2018 Line-Up and guess who’s in it?! The continuing, swashbuckling adventures of Leonidas Hawksblood and his space pirate crew, coming at you in 2018!

(And apparently, mine is the only two-part story. Probably because everyone else is a good writer who keeps to the word limit the editor puts out there…  What can I say?  Pirates don’t always obey the rules.)


Hey, all! We’re thrilled to announce our lineup for 2018. As you can see, we’ve got some really great writers, old and new, with stories with us for next year.

We will be updating our Contributor Page accordingly and linking to where you can find more about these fantastic authors.

#7 Spring 2018 (Feb/March)
Jason Scott Aiken – The Legend of Blade
Michael Reyes – The Iynx
Adrian Cole – In the Land of Hungry Shadows
Louise Sorensen – The Toads of Machu Hampacchu
Marilyn K. Martin – The Great Culling Emporium
Dominika Lein – Galactic Gamble
Michael Tierney – The Criteria for Admission Into the Galactic Community

#8 Summer 2018 (May/June)
Jim Breyfogle – Brandy & Dye
Amy Power Jansen – Breaking the Accords
Nathan Dabney – Slavers of Venus
Ken McGrath – Party Smashers
Jon Zaremba – Promontory
JD Brink – Littermates (Pt 1)
J Manfred Weichsel –…

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Learning Curves


Having not been writing stories for about two weeks now (or barely writing – I’ve only gotten about 900 words done in my novel in that time), I actually miss it.  I feel that yearning that lets me know that I am indeed a writer at heart and should be driving forward with that purpose in life.

So what’s slowing me down?

Well, tech failure for one.  The death of my laptop and then replacement by a new Mac.  So part of my learning curve is learning how a Mac works.  Plus reviving everything I lost on the other computer and bringing them to life on this one.  Fortunately I backed up all my shit!  Could have lost YEARS of work in this ordeal!

I’ve also accepted the publishing gift that is Vellum and am still learning how to use and format for it.  You’ll see when I’m done.  The results are incredibly nice.  It’s going to make my ebooks and paperbacks a lot nicer looking and easier to produce.  Once I get used to using it.

I’m also about to have life-altering changes of course (that’s changing the course of my life, not “of course” like it was obvious).  So I need to make up my resume—various versions, depending on the job I’m applying for—get on job-finding sites, prepare myself and the fam for moving across the globe and starting a new life, etc.

That is going to be the major detractor from writing, but in a good way.  I wish I could just say, “I’m a very successful, self-sustaining writer, I don’t need a day job anymore,” but that’s not the case.  That’s not the case for probably 80-90% of writers, so it sure ain’t for me.  (Yet…!?!)

So those curves in the road ahead, some of them being learning curves of one kind of another.  And speed bumps.  I have to slow down and take them easy, one at a time.

But here I go, driving on…

(Actually, it’s 8:30am and I haven’t been to bed yet, so I’ll stop at a roadside inn for some Zs first.  Bates Motel looks cheap, and empty.  Sounds peaceful…)

Visit Japan Before It’s Too Late!

risingsunNo, I’m not making an ominous prediction about North Korea.  I’m just making a happy announcement:

My official, unofficial last day in the Navy is March 1st, 2018!

I’m officially, unofficially getting out in about 6 months.  WOO-HOO!!  (What the hell does official, unofficial mean?  If you have to ask that, you don’t know much about the Navy.)  It’s sad in some respects, exciting and a big relief in others.  I have mixed feelings, as I did the first time I got out of the Navy, but it’s a good move overall for me and my family.  And we look forward to the new open horizons and all the possibilities that our coming future might bring.

But in the shorter term, anyone who was thinking of coming to visit us in the Land of the Rising Sun: Better get serious about it!  Cuz time’s running out!!!