You are being watched…

Exploring space from astronomy center

Green-Eyed Monster is out and during the preorder period, it’s selling at only $0.99!

And now some alternative math: 12 + 13 + 14 = $0.99!

That’s 13 stories and 374 pages of science fiction and fantasy, detective noir and space pirates, magic swords and dystopias, and more for only 99 cents!

Next Sunday, May 12th  (Mother’s Day) it’ll go to its normal, full price of $4.99. It will also launch on that day, so you’re one-dollar pre-orders be delivered by the cyber fairies at that time.

To pre-order it for a buck now, just select your favorite ebook retailer below. It will then release on Sunday the 13th, just in time for Mother’s Day!


Barnes & Noble



So, checking our equation, that’s May 12 + 13 stories…

Add in 14 now.

I recently offered the members of my Conspiracy mailing list 10 digital copies. (You can join up by going here…) But instead, in following with the numerical sequence, I decided to bump that number to 14! Those 14 random winners have already been notified and sent their link to collect their free copy of this realities-spanning collection.

So congrats again to the winners and thanks for participating!

If that wasn’t you, you can still score a copy for only 99-cents!

Click a link above (or this one) and pre-order now to pay only 20% of the normal price!


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