New Book, Old Words, and a Boat Lost at Sea

Exploring space from astronomy center

I just finished publishing my new collection, Green-Eyed Monster. Once it’s been processed by the cyber-gremlins, it’ll be available for pre-order at $0.99 until May 12th (Mother’s Day). Then it’ll be live, deliverable, and go up to $4.99.

But it’s not live yet. If you look right now, you probably won’t see it even exists yet on any virtual bookshelf. I’m just letting you know what’s about to happen.

But that’s not even why I’m musing here just now…

The reason I thought I’d write this post is because I realized that I will have thus far published almost 200,000 words already in 2019: Deus Ex Machina, Tuesday Morning Mayhem, and now Green-Eyed Monster. The most of any year since I’ve started this indie writer journey.

But I haven’t written a word in months.

No new words. Everything in these books were written last year, or years before.

Instead, I’ve been adapting to the still-chaotic maelstrom of life, taking on water and facing tsunamis in this little boat we’re riding it out on, and trying to learn and build a new way to go about this writing career. Building an infrastructure and learning marketing are my main goals right now. I hope to finish Book Three of my Secret Origins series this summer. But we’ll see. The Seas of Life are still rough–honestly, with pop-up expenses and government issues, maybe rougher than they’ve ever been–and I feel like I have a long way to go to finish building the new things I’m doing.

We’ll see how it goes. You scoop out one pale of water, three more flood into your little boat. But at least this new book I’ve had on hold for over a year (no shit, I put the last touches on the last story in January 2018!) is about to come out. Finally.

Okay, it’s midnight and I have to get up for the job that pays the bills tomorrow, so I guess I better get to bed.

Good night.


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