Kiss Unpublished

kiss of the maiden

I just unpublished this short story, which I had posted as free everywhere April last year.

I decided it just wasn’t the first foot forward I wanted readers to discover.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the story, but it’s really the first chapter of a novel that doesn’t exist yet, and won’t anytime soon. (I just have too many other books to write first.) So as it stood, it was kind of a cool shark story that opened a door to more… with absolutely nothing on the other side of that door. Which probably isn’t that compelling to prospective readers…

Right now I’m thinking that, eventually, I will republish it with 2 other short stories in it, all of which could relate to that title: Kiss of the Maiden. In the other two cases, though, that kiss is from a deadly, supernatural woman. In the case of this story, it was a “maiden shark” on a distant planet.

Those other two stories are waiting to come back to me right now. One will be published in the next issue of Weirdbook Magazine, hopefully in May. The other is at the Writers of the Future Contest, which should have results any day now.

So it’ll be back. But for now, as it is… It just isn’t suited for the job I want it to do.

But, damn, do I like that cover!


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