Pi Day Reading: Free Sci-Fi Books!


Happy Pi Day! 

To be honest, I’d never heard of Pi Day, but apparently it’s a real thing.

How do I know? Because there’s a big sci-fi/fantasy book giveaway celebrating it, of course!

There are 31 books featuring smart heroes (or smart sidekicks and mentors, at least) to celebrate the occasion. The catch? In exchange for your free book, you sign up for the authors’ newsletters. Which means you’ll get great info on more books of that line (which is good news, assuming you enjoyed it), probably more freebies at some point, and can make some new nerdy SFF friends!


My book Hungry Gods is up for download, along with 30 other books featuring smart (or smart-ass, in Spitball’s case) heroes.

But only for the next 5 days! So browse the promo page and grab what you want now! (You know if you wait till the last minute, you’ll forget…)

Click any of the links in this post to get there.


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