Final Hours to Vote


I probably shouldn’t have waited until now to post this, but, hey, I’m a busy guy! Like all of us, right?

Which is why I appreciate so much those who have taken a moment to vote for my new cover art on the All Author Cover Contest.

The AllAuthor website features a book cover contest every month. It’s a great opportunity to get your new book seen and grab a little exposure. Exposure (a.k.a. discoverability) is a major thing for us indie authors. Everything we can do to get noticed is huge.

Therefore, I was hoping I might ask you to take a look at the cover contest and cast a vote. You don’t even have to vote for mine, if you don’t want to. (Though I would sure appreciate it!) Whether you vote for Deus Ex Machina or not, you’ll be helping someone (preferably me) get their book noticed. And in the massive cybernetic sea of indie books out there, that’s something!

Just click here:

This will take you to where my book resides. There’s a voting button conveniently placed within reach. You can also scroll down and check out the other cover options. Your vote is yours, cast it how you like.

Thanks for taking a moment away from your bust day or night to help me (or possibly someone else) get their book noticed just a little bit more.

And if you want to check out the book to read, you can find it just about anywhere: Amazon, for example, by clicking here, Kobo, iBooks, and B&N, to name a few.


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