Merry X-Mas, Emperor Palpatine

I am both excited and offended by recent developments in my life related to Star Wars.
Allow me to explain.
My son, who just turned eight via a Star Wars/Darth Vader-themed birthday party last week, has finally gotten into something cool. I mean, he had a brief relationship with the classic G.I. Joe cartoons about a year ago, but after I spent way too much on cool toys for him for Xmas via Ebay, Joe basically got his walking papers.
The chief factor responsible for getting him into Star Wars is the Battlefront video game we have.  I decided to go ahead and track down the original movies (the only ones I like) and expose him to Star Wars the correct way. We started with Empire, not only because it’s the best one, but the first movie is kinda boring. Plus, he’s really into the big AT-AT and AT-ST walkers.
Tonight we watched Jedi. Apparently, over the long years, I had forgotten just how great these movies were. I was never the big Star Wars nerd my friends were (except when I was 8 years old myself, maybe), but they really are great.
And then, at the very end, I got super offended.
I knew that crazy old man Lucas had gone back and messed with the masterpieces. But my tender sensitivities were deeply offended when the ghost of Anakin at the very end was that punk kid from the new movies! WTF??!!!  Damn you, George Lucas, you’ve ruined my childhood!
Well, maybe not ruined. But boy, am I sore…

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