Funny Business at Amazon


So last week I set up a giveaway for the first book in my Identity Crisis series, Hungry Gods. Supposedly, the way it worked was, for every 100 people entered, there would be a winner. Well, because I didn’t get around to pushing it out until there were only two days left, I only get 131 entrants.

But that should have meant 1 person won a book, right?

Apparently not. Amazon reported to me that 131 entered and no one won.

And I have no idea why. 

I may roll the money I already put into it for a re-do, but that might only be open to subscribers to my mailing list. As in, the first 21 people to respond will be the winners. (Thus no more funky, unpredictable odds.)

We’ll see. I’ve inquired as to what happened and will go from there.

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