Daily Disaster

Photo on 12-9-18 at 2.21 PM

This sums up my life right now.

After going to A LOT of trouble to get myself a snow blower (including having to pay way too much to rent a van to go pick it up), I tried to start it up to move it to the shed and… broke the damn cord.

I don’t blame the guy who sold it to me—no way he could have known that would happen. He’s a mechanic and agreed to fix it for 20 bucks. So add 20 to the mounting cost of the damn thing.

We better get a lot of snow this year…

On top of that, tried to change the light bulbs on the front outdoor lights. They were both broken inside and have come apart rather than unscrewed. So I’m screwed.

Bought two different items to address the safety issue of our fireplace, neither one has worked out. One didn’t fit, the other was missing parts.

So I’ve spent a lot of time going back and forth and getting nowhere. I’ve also gone back and forth a jobs. Starting my old teaching job AGAIN tomorrow. Long story on that one. And back and forth on Navy stuff too. You thought I was out of the Navy? So did I…

Those are just some of the reasons why this blog has been seriously neglected. I’d LIKE to blog about more than when I have a book on sale or coming out, but who has the time???

One of my planned resolutions for the new year is to do just that. Blog once a week, and at least 3 a month NOT be just about my books. I don’t want to just ram sales shit down everyone’s throats. I just don’t have time for pleasantries.

Speaking of which, more new book announcements on the way soon…

In the meantime, I hope everyone is making more real life progress than I am right now.




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