Tattoo Friday


A couple weeks ago, Facebook was kind enough to remind me of a post from a few years back. (Thanks AI Overlord… I guess…) I saved the pics to my desktop and have been meaning to post them here for poops and giggles.

This was one day when I was napping on the couch or something. (Which I never do–who’s got time for that?!) I specifically told the artist I wanted my tattoo to look like “an old black-and-white monster movie,” but this day the fam decided it would look better in color.


Please ignore the hairiness and other unsightly features. πŸ™‚

In other news, does anyone know jack shit about all these modern author-oriented cyber gadgets out there? Automating email, setting up a landing page for free book downloads, stuff like that? I’m a bit of a luddite and a savage and all this cyber shit that’s making everyone else rich just confuses me. 😦

I’m also hoping to start revising the second draft on Deus Ex Machina so it can be out by Christmas or New Years. I have kind of decided that I can’t bother with trying to write any new words for the rest of the year in order to get all this other stuff done. Doesn’t help to have book two of a series in draft form if you never get around to finishing it off.

Plus I need to figure out this internet thingie, plus a bunch of other things around the house I sill haven’t gotten done in the last 5 months. But my four-day weekend is actually a two-day, ‘cuz I have Navy Reserves this Sat-Sun, and Friday is already about gone. And Monday I really need to study up on taking care of cardiac patients. Geez, these civilian hospitals are full of sick people! In the Navy, everyone is young and healthy. It’s a bit of a learning curve.

But we bought some lottery tickets that are sure to free me from the day job tonight! C’mon baby, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies…!

Okay, enough whining from me! Enjoy your weekend, everybody!


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