Hey, Pulp Rev, Check This Out



Just giving a shout out to some great pulp fiction. Apparently Lobster Johnson has been on the scene for a while, I just never noticed much. But I picked these up from the local library and read them over the weekend.

VERY pulpy.

And great pulp at that. As in, of the pulp fiction style of the 1930s.

If you like that sort of thing–robots, ghosts, revenge stories, mobsters, voodoo, zombies, disguises, the Great Depression, Batman-like heroes (Where do you think Batman came from? He bears a striking resemblance to the Shadow!), exotic places, exotic bad guys, ghost pirates, mummies, and justice meted out at the business end of a .45 caliber pistol–you should check out Lobster Johnson.

Created by Mike Mignola, by the way, creator of Hellboy.


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