Snake Eyes: Science Fiction Noir

Python snakeskin leather background, snake skin, texture, animal

Here’s my latest offering, up for pre-order right now. It’s a short story, about 4200 words (thus the minimal price tag) and will eventually appear in the collection Green-Eyed Monster. I don’t yet know when that is coming out. Probably December of January, maybe not till spring of next year. If you don’t care to wait (or just want to flip a silver dollar into the coffer–of which, I’ll actually only get 33 to 60 cents of…), please feel free.

How do you kill a man who has Lady Luck wrapped around his finger?

The man known as The Gambler went from loser to ruler almost overnight. Now he sits at the head of all tables. And those he toppled, the mobsters getting his scraps, they want him dead.  

But rumor has it that The Gambler has a cosmic cheat. A piece of science fiction come to life that twists all probability in his favor.  

If you believe in that sort of thing. The hitman they call Snake Eyes, he doesn’t. His dice are loaded. So is his gun.

Let the final game begin.

A tale of death, noir, and impossible odds from the author of One-Eyed Jacks, Unfeeling, and Moondance.

Now, I don’t expect to make a killing off one short story. But it’s part of what I call, “Fishing with a wide net.” It creates yet another place that a reader might discover me, whether they buy this particular story or not.

Actually, it creates a few places. Right now, you can find Snake Eyes for pre-order on AmazonBarnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.


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