Down the Drain

That’s how I feel right now, whirling, whirling, whirling down the drain. Just overwhelmed.

But there is light, I suppose…

The maelstrom of pure chaos is still swirling, but the end is in sight! Moving into our house this weekend. Finally have a house to move into! After months of sleeping on the floor and eating on card tables… well, actually, we’ll still be doing that, since we don’t know yet when the Navy’s contractors are going to send our stuff. But at least we’ll do it in our own house!

I did take pictures. But my PIECE OF SHIT fancy cyber-phone can’t seem to upload them to any platform whatsoever.

I hate technology.

So sorry, nothing to show you. Can’t show you the dead stink bugs and crusts of dirt on the master bedroom window sill. Or the really nice kitchen (best feature of the house). Wish I could.


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