Free Sci-Fi EBook: A Sea Story

Creative shark pattern and chains, smoke and sparks

It’s live and it’s free!

And you can find it on multiple sites by clicking this line right now!


They don’t call him “Handsome” for nothing.

Revis Kynes is a sharker on the backwater world of Trident’s Fury. He plies the seas with a harpoon in his hand, rather than plying the stars with a blazing pulse rifle pressed to his shoulder. At least, for now…

When this scar-faced sailor comes face to face with his natural enemy, only one will survive. Good thing Tridents are known across the galaxy for being stubborn bastards, hard to tolerate and harder to kill. And none more so than Handsome Kynes.

A sea story set thousands of years into the space-faring future, Kiss of the Maiden introduces a new military science fiction hero with a harsh noir voice, a dark Zen philosophy, and razor-sharp killer instincts. Welcome back to the Endless Dark Universe.

Find it here.


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