Shark Tale…

Creative shark pattern and chains, smoke and sparks

Almost ready to pull the trigger on this one. It’ll be a free short story once I get it all set-up. Definitely in the next 7 days, but hopefully in 5 or less.

Then planning to publish short stories/novelettes once a month for 3 more months: May, June, and July. And then, with lots of luck and some determination (or some luck and lots of determination), I hope to have Deus Ex Machina published in August, but that’s not solid yet.

I’ll also have a two-part space pirate story coming out in Cirsova magazine in the summer and fall. Planning to make that a novella/novel series in the not too distant future.

Finally, after months of silence and chaos and overwhelming life burden, things are starting to fall into place! But it’s not by accident, and it doesn’t happen all by itself!

Stay tuned…


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