Warhammer 40K 7.5 Edition??


For some reason, last weekend, I woke up thinking about this.

I haven’t played 8th edition yet, but I can see some pluses and minuses to it all. I’ll reserve judgement for when I actually get to play. And now that I’m back in the States, that may be possible… someday soon.

All my stuff is still in storage awaiting our arrival to our final destination, which we haven’t reached yet. My family got here in January, I officially got “out” at the end of February, but we haven’t yet settled to where we ultimately will be going. Still living in a crappy, overpriced apartment on a card table and rented couch. (No wonder I’m stressed, eh?!)

But once we do, I’ll have my vast armies of tiny men delivered, and THEN maybe I can play! (Damn, it’ll be four years since I have played!)

But anyway, what I was basically thinking of as 40K 7.5 would be mostly 7th edition rules, but pretty much using 5th edition vehicle rules.

That would take digging out your older tomes for those stats and tables, but most of us probably have them. (Is anyone else tired of buying all new $50+ books every other year??!!)

My biggest issue with 6th and 7th editions was the “glance to death” aspect for vehicles. Never should have come about. A tank should act like a tank: take a helluva beating and keep on fighting! Same for a dreadnought (walking tank) and everything else. Pistol fire should not bring down the armored vehicles of the distant future!

I would also scrap the whole thing where the more money you spend, the more special rules you get. What were those called? “Detachments” or “formations” or something? Whoever gives GW the most money gets the best rules? What a load of crap!

And I think apocalypse games belong to apocalypse games. If you don’t plan to play with giant machines that cannot be stopped, you shouldn’t have to fight them. But that’s a minor thing.

I do think 8th edition got the detachments and army building bit right. I always enjoyed puzzle-piecing my forces together based on a set of force org rules. And I like what they’ve done. And I do like that the “40,000 rules” have been pruned down to some really easy, basic stuff.

Like I said, have to play it yet to make a judgement call. But I came back in the days of 5th edition (before that, my last game had been first edition), and really enjoyed that. A mechanized monster like a dreadnought should be able to take missile after missile! I like that you can now charge out of reserve, everyone is a little more killy. But 7th got a lot of stuff right too, like the objective cards and such…  A lot of the random stuff got taken out of the game, like deep striking and barrage weapons, and those gambles made the game fun. Maybe someday I’ll get with a group and we’ll cobble together our own edition. Take these rules from here, those rules from there… It would be difficult to find a balance that way, as each edition has recalculated for their own stuff, but it’d be doable.

Meantime, once my little men arrive from a distant galaxy, I’ll have to try out 8th edition and see how it plays. Until then, I’ll keep planning out my 7.5 edition rules…


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