Seven Little Superheroes


Does that phrase sound familiar? Probably not, unless you’re an uber-geek like me who grew up in the 80s and watched way too much Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

There was an episode with the Chameleon that was like an Agatha Christi murderous dinner party in a mysterious mansion kind of scenario. And the Chameleon would come on the horn with little rhymes counting down the remaining heroes. (Sorry, no actual examples come to mind–I’m not that much of an uber-geek.)

The reason I am mentioning seven little superheroes is because there are SEVEN SUPERHERO BOOKS up for grabs on my Deus Ex Machina Kickstarter right now. Ebooks, paperback, audio, all are options as your reward for volunteering to help out.


AND I CERTAINLY NEED YOUR HELP.  So far, halfway through the campaign, we have only reached have 3% of our goal. That’s only TWO generous readers who have decided to pitch in. 

I hate to ask for help from anyone, especially strangers, but total life transition still in full effect, making this book happen would really be way easier with a little boost from the community. “It takes a village,” and all that.

And your financial assistance isn’t for nothing! You’re buying books. One two, three, up to SEVEN of them, maybe more if the stretch goals get pinged.

But that looks woefully unlikely right now.

So if you were thinking about pitching in, maybe waiting till the last minute…  The last minute may be too late. There’s no time like the present! The more activity a campaign gets, the more visible it becomes to others. And we need some visibility to make this happen!

And do you know what’s just as valuable as your small monetary pledge? Telling other people! We few can’t pull this off without some outside help. So please don’t be shy about letting other folks know!

THANK YOU for your consideration and your generosity!

In case you missed the links above, just click here to check it out now. 


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