Readin’ ‘Em Books: Cthulhu and the Cannibal


Amid the continuing chaos of our whole-life transition, I haven’t been able to write very much these last few months. But I have gotten to read more! In fact, it’s been a very necessary and very much missed form of stress relief.

I found this copy of Silence of the Lambs from 1988 on a shelf in Goodwill for $0.79. Hell of a bargain and a great thriller read. No chapters are wasted here. Each one serves the story, characters, or both. The pace and the tension are high from the start and (almost) never let up.

My only complaint is that, even after 20 years, I could still see too much of the movie in my mind as I read. As great a movie as it was, I would rather it not taint my mind’s eye interpretation of what i was reading.


After that, I found these two books at the local Books-A-Million (also on the cheap). So far I’ve read two Lovecraft stories, including the legendary “Call of Cthulhu.” It’s been 20 years since I’ve read that too, and I have to say… Well, I wouldn’t say disappointed is the right word, but… The style contains what could be a heck of a lot of creepy weird horror in a compressed, summarized package. I could easily see that one story expanded into adventures four times as long.

I’ve also read a few trade paperback comics and/or graphic novels. They don’t take much time or commitment to get through. 🙂

By the way, “Readin’ ‘Em Books” was written on a box in my friend Tony’s garage many years ago. It denoted a box of books read for pleasure, rather than college text books or other stuffy tomes.


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