As Promised: 2018 Publishing Schedule

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I’ve been promising a prospective schedule for 2018, and finally, here it is!

Please excuse the delay, but (as you are probably aware) my family and I have had a 95% total life change—new hemisphere, country, job, school, etc. And the transition is far from complete, and the list of crap I have to get done (aside from my writing, which is more important to me than most of that other stuff) tends to get longer instead of shorter.

But rest assured, I have a bunch of stuff in the can for 2018. I realized not long ago that most of what I publish one year was probably written the previous year. Or even years before that. Much like big-time cheatin’ publishing, I imagine, although I’m generally getting stuff out in 12 months or less, while big publishers take 2 or 3 or more years to make their giant clunky machines work.

So here we go…

For one thing—or seven things—I have the GREEN-EYE SEQUENCE. Seven stories, from shorts to novelettes, that will be released over the year, generally one per month, and culminate into Green-Eyes Monster, a collection that includes all seven (and at a collective, bargain price).

If you’re reading this, you may choose to wait until the big collection volume comes out. Or you may not, up to you. Maybe you’ll just pick and choose the ones that sound best along the way.

If you’re signed up as a patron of mine on Patreon, you’ll get each story as they release. (Which you can sign up for at only a dollar a month (or more, if you wish), for those interested… Check out and for more info…)

The Green Eye Sequence will include the following stories (in no particular order):

Green-Eyed Monster. A short story first published by Meerkat Press in their Love Hurts anthology in 2016. It was inspired by a contest that provided an image and asked for people to write a story to go with it. I did but failed to keep the story short enough to submit. So it went on to be published in a bigger way by Meerkat Press. Oh, darn.

Platypus, an Orwellian dystopia. I first wrote this novelette in 1999 as the thesis story for my Bachelor’s of creative writing program at Bowling Green State U. I have updated it a bit recently for its worldwide debut.

Kiss of the Maiden. This short story can stand alone but was actually the first chapter of a proposed novel for a major sci-fi wargame universe. Sadly, they weren’t interested. (It’s a huge, globally loved universe and I’m sure they received thousands of submission. In fact, they are no longer taking outside submissions at all.) I’ve since taken out all the universe specific stuff that might chain it to that publishing company. At that time, I had envisioned a series of novels, and still do! Add them to the list of ginormous writing projects I still need to get to.

Hunted. Another story originally intended for that same media game universe, now geared up to be all my own. And as I am right now finishing up the final rewrites on it before sending it on to my copy editor, I am foreseeing a possible trilogy of novellas for this hero and his sci-fi mysticism as well.

Moondance. A noir-detective, urban fantasy story first published by Crimson Streets, an online magazine that started a couple years ago. In fact, if you’re really chomping at the bit, you could probably find it there now. It’s a fun little tale, for which I struggled terribly to find a good title. This one… works okay, I guess.

Snake Eyes. Written specifically to be included in this collection. It was an idea I had years ago—kind of a crime story with a single strange scifi element—which I was reminded about when I found a tattered little notebook in a coat pocket I hadn’t worn in several seasons. So this winter I sat down and made it happen. It also makes a good bookend for the collection with the title story “Green-Eyed Monster” since they’re both “eye” stories.

– And finally, The Proposal. This pulp-era dark fantasy short just got picked up by Doug Draa for Weirdbook magazine and will be published around November. So some of my eventual release dates will be contingent on that. I may end up publishing some of them in the spring and then some in the fall.

The main event for this year, however, is a book I’ve been working on and off for a couple years now. The sequel to Hungry Gods, Deus Ex Machina is a novel that’s part superhero story and part James Bond adventure, featuring rookie outlaw spandex hero Spitball and the Identity Crisis Universe. I’m planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help get this book off the ground. And I’ll definitely let you know when that’s going to happen. (All contributions and spreading of the word are greatly appreciated!)

DXM is 80% written right now. Hoping to have it done and in your hands by this summer. (If this whole world-shifting of my whole life cooperates with that plan.)

Other stuff not necessarily published by me:

The two-part space pirate adventure Littermates comes out in Cirsova magazine this year, too. Part one, I believe, will be in the summer issue, then part wo in the fall. That’s basically two short stories making up one novelette. And all related to the debut of Captain Leonidas Hawksblood and his motley crew in Cirsova #3 a couple years ago. I intend like a six-book series for them at some point.

So that was my planned 2018 as of New Year’s day. Then, just recently, a new deal has come up too.

Michael James Ploof and Traveling Bard Publishing have, just weeks ago, offered to republish the Thunderstrike Saga books under their label and have vowed to bring their resources to bear to market it and get it the audience it deserves.

I finished the big fantasy novel Tarnish the very month my son was born. He’s seven now. In seven years, Tarnish has floundered and been barely noticed. With Traveling Bard in my corner, I’m hoping to finally get some eyeballs on those books And if that does happen, if it takes off well, then the other books in that line I’ve had in mind for 7 years will finally have a reason to get written. So… squeeze those into my schedule too.

If only I were a full-time writer! I could actually crank out all these projects in months instead of years!

Prioritizing is the hardest part. What should happen next? I plan to get them all written, but which should be next? I guess reader reaction will fuel those decisions.

And by the latter half of 2018, I hope to start writing whatever that next book is. Will it be superheroes book 3? Fantasy book 2? A new sequence of space pirate tales?

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for me and my dreams. So welcome to 2018!

(I know, it’s March already. Just go with it.)


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