Yes, as of the 23rd, I am officially (mostly) a civilian. I’m going into the active reserves, but that hasn’t kicked in yet. Not much of anything has kicked in yet. (Thus enjoying my beard growing time!)

Except my new job, which I started last week and is kind of kicking my butt. I got out of the Navy to be at home more, but last week I easily did 50 hours. Partly due to having to help make up for someone else who had quit just the week before. I don’t expect to to be that way too long, though. Every quarter will be different and there’s only 3 weeks left in this one. So… You know. Growing pains.

So starting a completely new trans-national, transglobal life, it turns out, is stressful and time consuming.

And while there have been many topics and thoughts that have popped up, including movie reviews and dream theories and comic book trends and a bunch of other stuff, I simply don’t have the time to share it with the cyberverse.

And that’s… okay. Time spent blogging is time not spent doing more important things. Which includes writing books that are far more entertaining than my random thoughts.

Now it’s after 9pm and I have to get ready for sleeping and an early start back to work tomorrow.


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