New Fugitive Fiction Website


After hours of work spread out over… years? I have finally updated the FF website.

Being marooned here in Washington state for my Navy out-processing allowed me some time. I’ve spent some of it finishing up some stories due out this year. (More on that later.) And I finally had little else to do but work on that pesky website. I was very close to shutting it down and starting again somewhere else, but that would have meant starting from scratch all over again, which would have been a huge nightmare!

Instead I’ve just improved what was there. Now the “Fiction Gallery” has individual pages available on a dropdown menu. All of my “universes” have their own pages, which provide cover art, descriptions, and buttons that leads to Books2Read’s “universal links” for each book.

It sounds more complex than it is.

So see for yourself. You can start by going to the “books” page on this, my author website. Rather than duplicate the work, I just put down the basics here and linked to there.

See what you think. Feedback is always welcome!


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