Update from the Maelstrom of Chaos


Home but not home. New life started but… not yet started.

I’ll post a more complete update soon with what’s happening and my projected schedule for 2018 thus far. For now, just be aware that I am in the midst of transitioning myself and my family from Navy life in Japan to a brand new civilian life in Ohio. A place to live, new job, vehicles, phones… We are literally starting from scratch!

And I am just home “on loan” from the Navy at the moment to get everyone set up. Then I have to go back for at least a week to finish up my paperwork and processing.

As for my writing, I have a novel and a collection of short stories and novellas that are all 80% done and slated for this year. More on them when I get the time.

And, by the way, as a Patron, you’ll get them all as they release! For as little as a buck a month of heartfelt support. (Click for more.)

Okay, lots more to do in “real life.” More on the Living the Dream in a week or two.

(The image above, by the way, for the uninitiated, is the symbol for Chaos in the Warhammer Universe, lifted from here.)


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