The Joy of Painting… Eldar Fire Dragons


Or is it “Aeldari” now?  I don’t know what that’s about.  (But if I had to guess, I’d say establishing intellectual property rights).

I have been working on these guys off and on since July.  So, mostly “off” I guess.

Today I sat down and spent 2.5 hours on them, and really wanted to keep going.  IT WAS SO DAMN RELAXING.  I had forgotten “the joy of painting.”  With all the stuff going on in my life right now, lots of preparations all just poised to hold for months on end, it was just a huge relief to sit and paint again.  I can’t express how nice that felt.

And on a beautiful day like today, I prefer to sit outside in the shade and do it.  Just being outside is therapeutic for me too.

I prefer the natural light to paint by, too, though it isn’t doing wonders for this photo…  Can’t tell, but that female to the far left has a purple helmet.  (It’ll look better when she’s all done.)

They are coming along nicely, though.  I’m trying something different, something I’ve been talking about but not practicing for a while now.  SIMPLICITY.  I’m intentionally forcing myself NOT to go into the minute details on these guys.  That tiny little thing on their belts?  It doesn’t need to be a different color, no one is going to notice it anyway.  Just leave it and keep painting!

So my plan has been to throw on the base colors (and keep that to just 2 or 3), touch those up nice to get the smooth edges and everything, then wash and highlight and be done!  I’m also striving to be less subtle than I have been with my painting over the past 30+ years.  I’m usually very subtle with my colors and differences, thinking it more realistic.  But the truth is, realistic or not, it makes for some less-than-dynamic looking models.  So I need sharper colors and more contrast.  On these guys, that’ll be more apparent once the highlighting is done.  I’m going to attempt to drybrush most of those brighter edges on, but I’m not very practiced at that technique.  Wish me luck.

In these pictures now, all the base colors and washing is pretty much done.  Now I just have to highlight.  Since I have to work all weekend, this might get done Monday or Tuesday…  And I might even be getting holiday credit on Wednesday (like the 4th of July or Labor Day, now long past), so maybe Wednesday too!

These might not look like your run-of-the-mill Fire Dragons.  I built these guys out of Dark Eldar Warrior parts, mostly, and slavaged as many blasters as I could for fusion weapons.  They look WAY more like thorny dragons than the traditional aspect models.  In fact, I’ve made a lot of my aspect warriors out of Dark Eldar models—cuz the DE are BADASS and the traditional Craft Worlder models are sleek and graceful…  and boring.  I want my craft world to be a rough and tumble place.  My “Black Phoenix” Eldar have been through the ringer and it shows.  My dragons, swooping hawks, dark reapers, warp spiders, and lancers (the jetbike aspect…  Can’t think of what they’re called, probably becuz the models are so lame) are all going to be DE models, and therefore look a lot fiercer on the battle field.  I guess the only ones I like are the dire avengers (and as much as I love those guys, they always let me down on performance), scorpions (who never let me down!), and banshees.  And I’ve considered making my own banshees, too.  Wyches with the right heads might work well…  (Except for being half naked.)

Actually, I saw some of the new fantasy Wych Elves and they are dynamic as hell.  If I could get some masked heads they would look really cool charging down the field.

So I hope to be finishing this squad soon (not used to painting a squad at a time either, one color at a time, but it’s been fun), and then move on to more models.  I have made this b=hobby a low priority for the last few years, but really, had I realized what a stress reliever it is, I wouldn’t have marginalized it as I have.

Going forward, this will be a higher priority for me.  It’s healthy, damn it! 🙂

More next week!


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Painting… Eldar Fire Dragons

  1. Looking good. Painting is very relaxing when you finally get around to it. Been slow for me too, but not as slow as for you.

    I second the strong contrasts. It’s almost a requirement for anything that’s going on the table. When 28mm models are viewed from a few feet away then you need those strong contrasts.


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