Atomic Blonde Movie Review


I think I can sum it up in two words: “HOLY SHIT!”

I’m not going to go full-blown analytical review.  Don’t want to give away any spoilers or anything.  I’m not sure when this released in the States, but we just recently got it on base here and the wife and I went to see it.  After the dismal experience with Valerian we needed something to make us believe in movie-going again.  And this did it!

(BTW, I would be willing to write a list of complaints about Velarian but I’m trying not to be a downer on here.  “If you don’t have anything nice to say,” kind of thing.  I can generally tell from the ads if a movie is going to suck, so I was not surprised, but we needed a night out and The Fifth Element is one of our faves, so we decided to risk it.  Ten minutes into the movie and I would have been okay with leaving.  I was done with the two main characters after about 60 seconds with them.)

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be saying kickass things about Atomic Blonde.

Go see it in the theatre before it’s too late!  Cool spy movie without the corny gadgets—not that I don’t like corny gadgets, but this one didn’t need them.  Cool realism in the last days of East Berlin.  Action, ‘splosions, and rock and roll!  Just a great movie experience and a kickass time.  See it on the big screen with big booms.  (Get out of the house and off your phone, for God’s sake…!)

Really, it’s damn good summer movie.  Especially if you need a break away from costumes and magic and the like but still want some over the top excitement.


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