Learning Curves


Having not been writing stories for about two weeks now (or barely writing – I’ve only gotten about 900 words done in my novel in that time), I actually miss it.  I feel that yearning that lets me know that I am indeed a writer at heart and should be driving forward with that purpose in life.

So what’s slowing me down?

Well, tech failure for one.  The death of my laptop and then replacement by a new Mac.  So part of my learning curve is learning how a Mac works.  Plus reviving everything I lost on the other computer and bringing them to life on this one.  Fortunately I backed up all my shit!  Could have lost YEARS of work in this ordeal!

I’ve also accepted the publishing gift that is Vellum and am still learning how to use and format for it.  You’ll see when I’m done.  The results are incredibly nice.  It’s going to make my ebooks and paperbacks a lot nicer looking and easier to produce.  Once I get used to using it.

I’m also about to have life-altering changes of course (that’s changing the course of my life, not “of course” like it was obvious).  So I need to make up my resume—various versions, depending on the job I’m applying for—get on job-finding sites, prepare myself and the fam for moving across the globe and starting a new life, etc.

That is going to be the major detractor from writing, but in a good way.  I wish I could just say, “I’m a very successful, self-sustaining writer, I don’t need a day job anymore,” but that’s not the case.  That’s not the case for probably 80-90% of writers, so it sure ain’t for me.  (Yet…!?!)

So those curves in the road ahead, some of them being learning curves of one kind of another.  And speed bumps.  I have to slow down and take them easy, one at a time.

But here I go, driving on…

(Actually, it’s 8:30am and I haven’t been to bed yet, so I’ll stop at a roadside inn for some Zs first.  Bates Motel looks cheap, and empty.  Sounds peaceful…)


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