Visit Japan Before It’s Too Late!

risingsunNo, I’m not making an ominous prediction about North Korea.  I’m just making a happy announcement:

My official, unofficial last day in the Navy is March 1st, 2018!

I’m officially, unofficially getting out in about 6 months.  WOO-HOO!!  (What the hell does official, unofficial mean?  If you have to ask that, you don’t know much about the Navy.)  It’s sad in some respects, exciting and a big relief in others.  I have mixed feelings, as I did the first time I got out of the Navy, but it’s a good move overall for me and my family.  And we look forward to the new open horizons and all the possibilities that our coming future might bring.

But in the shorter term, anyone who was thinking of coming to visit us in the Land of the Rising Sun: Better get serious about it!  Cuz time’s running out!!!


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