Mini-Review: The Thorne Legacy

Planetary Defense Command Reviews “The Thorne Legacy” — thanks for the kind words!

Planetary Defense Command

Thorne LegacyThe Thorne Legacy

I’m still being crushed (under a mountain of paperwork) at my job, so I don’t have time tonight to write up another magazine review and continue my last Four Apes story.   Instead, I thought I’d put down a few words about a story by fellow blogger JD Brink.

While thinking about what to write in tonight’s mini-review, I was reminded of my mini-review of Brandon Sanderson’s “Snapshot”.  The two stories don’t share plot elements or similar characters, but both are very short, very entertaining, and have story elements that other authors might learn something from.

The Thorne Legacy is a military sci-fi story that opens with some family drama.  Normally, I can’t stand family drama in my science fiction, but I thought it worked really well here.  So, maybe I don’t hate family drama as much as I thought — I just hate…

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