Free Audiobook: Superheroes & Space Opera Collide


My super fun short novel INVASION has finally come out in audio!  It’s been literally a year in production, but the result has been well worth the wait!

The great folks at The Voices in Our Heads have turned INVASION into an audiobook with voice talents Anthony Bowling and E. L. Loren.  They have brought my characters to life in a way I never could.  It’s been fun working with them and listening to how they’ve improved upon the black and white words that I had merely laid down on a page.

You can find the audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iBooks now.

But wait, didn’t I say something about “free“???

Well, I do have some promotion download codes I could give out.  But they are there for, as I just said, promotional purposes…  Which means, if you were to get one of these free download codes, I would kind of expect (well, not really “expect,” but certainly hope!) that you’d take a minute to rate the book and/or leave a short review.

That’s fair, isn’t it?  I give you 3 hours and 13 minutes of entertainment for free, and you give me just 4 minutes of your time to write a very short and honest comment about what you thought of it.  (And you might also tell your friends, blog audience, whomever about it too…)

So how do you get one of these free audiobooks?  Well, if you’ve managed to read this far down the page, you’re already on the right track!

The FIRST TEN PEOPLE to email me asking for a chance to listen to this book for free will get themselves one of these limited-edition, highly coveted download codes on

You don’t have an Audible account yet?  No problem! It’s an Amazon company, so if your Amazon account doesn’t get you access (I’m actually not sure if it does or not), you at least know it’s a trustworthy and reliable distributor of entertainment.

So email me at and just ask for it.  It’s yours!  (While supplies last, that is.)

p.s.  There is some adult content in this one.  I’d rate it at least PG-13, maybe R, for language and a few bouts of brief sexual content (nothing explicit, but I wouldn’t read it to my 6 year old, I will say that.)


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