GI Joe, Part Two: Didn’t We Just See This?


Okay, I watched that first week’s worth of mini-serial last night.  It was cool, classic stuff.

Tonight I watched just the first of the next set of five.  And guess what?

  • Sinister terror device composed of three vital components?  Check.
  • Gladiator arena in giant hidden cobra temple in which Duke fights for his life (again)? Check.

I’m starting to see a pattern here…  Oh well, it’s still fun stuff!

I also didn’t realize how quickly so many characters came into the series.  I figured the first handful of relatively lame guys from week one were like the 20+ episodes of the first season.  Apparently not, ‘cuz now we have Flint, Lady Jay, Roadblock, etc, plus Snake-Eyes has a make over (looking much more badass), we have Storm Shadow, the Baroness got a makeover (much more badass as well—was I the only 8-year old with a crush on the Baroness??), Zartan and his motley crew are here, etc.

Makes me think the comic must have been running before the cartoon to provide all these guys?  Or was there a big gap between when these mini-series aired?  Or does this disc set just have a lot of missing episodes?  It claims to be the “complete first and second season.”

Oh, the mysteries of life…

Hey, I’d rather contemplate this juvenile shit than watch the juvenile shit on the news….



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