Yo Joe! GI Joe, a Real American Hero


Children of the ’80s unite!

I was ordering some Teen Titans videos for my son and came across a huge collection of the original GI Joe cartoon.  There’s like 96 episodes in this collection.  More than 2000 minutes!

(Not that I’m going to sit down and watch them all in a binge weekend.  It’ll take me years to see it all, I’m sure.)

Did you know (fellow old nerds) that the very first week of the show was the Mass Device storyline?  The one with the three elements needed to power the teleportation machine that nearly conquered the world??!!  The one where Duke was forced to fight in Cobra Commander’s arena against a Conan-like giant??  (Who was voiced, I’m absolutely certain, by the same guy who did the Hulk cartoon in the ’80s.)  The very mini-series that featured our beloved mute Snake-Eyes sacrificing himself by sealing himself in with radioactive gas??!

That’s one of the GI Joe moments that stands out to me and I was never sure how far back into reruns it went.  Snake-Eyes comes out glowing red and Major Blud and his goons just let him wander into the snow, assuming he’d die on his own.




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