Inspiration Everywhere & Visual Library

Kind of a chaotic garble of quick ideas today, plus a visual aid.

One being the idea that inspiration is everywhere.  I have found myself lately trying to take seemingly random words or phrases and turning them into stories, or at least story titles.  I was cooking the other day and thought “Garlic Press” would be suitably challenging, and then came up with an idea to fit my space pirate and his wild tales.  I’ve written two stories for him so far and have found that while writing them, I grab the strangest stuff I can and force it to fit into the story somehow.  It’s fun as hell and makes for very interesting and unpredictable stuff.  Today I also thought “Flying the Chicken Coop” and “Gladiators of Python” would get worked into his next adventures.  (That second one about Python is kind of cheating because that’s already the name of the place they’ll be.)

Reading The Gunslinger also reminded me of a couple of steampunk western/weird western stories I’ve had in mind for a long time.  Would really like to write those up to.

I just wish I had more time to make use of all these flashes of brain lightning!  If only I were a full time writer.  I could churn out all kinds of cool and crazy stuff!  Supposedly some people actually create for a living–like, that’s their only job!  Can you imagine??!!  How do you get into such a position?  Who pays the bills?  Who feeds the family?

I honestly can’t imagine such a faerie dream land.

I’ve also been inspired to create visual outlines for all my books, universes, and series.  I’m a very visual person and want my blog and covers to embrace that.  (You may have noticed the format of the blog changed again.  What do you think?)  I’ve got the first outline here; a work in progress.  The outline framework–the white lines–are imperfect here because i had to use a sub-par program to add them after being unable to figure out a line drawing function on Photoshop.  (I’ll get the wife to help me later.)

The plan is to do this will all my universes/series.  So potential readers can see at a glance what is going on, see which books and stories might be included in bigger books, and get a feel of the story through the cover art.  And hopefully get excited to dig in!

Comments, criticism, and concerns welcome!  (Thanks!)



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