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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger


I saw the tall, slim book on the store shelf with a cool new cover very similar to this movie banner, and decided to pick it up.  (Can’t seem to find an image of the book cover via the Google Oracle though.)  This is the only Dark Tower book I’ve ever read and I wonder when I’m done with it again if I’ll feel compelled to go for the gold and try to read them all.  (Though such a quest would probably take me two years to complete, maybe more!)

The first time I read it, I remember substitute teaching and reading it during my off-period.  I feel like that might have been in Colorado Springs, though it could have been Santa Fe, New Mexico too.  (Funny how the mind works, flashing me back to certain times and places with certain stimuli.)

I don’t have high hopes for the movie, especially given the huge scope of the books.  Movies tend to jack stuff up, especially trying to cram everything into a 2 hour format.  (Or, trying to drag it out to be unnaturally long.  Case in point: The Hobbit, which was basically a short kids’ book, thrown on the rack and stretched to be 9 friggin’ hours long.  I still haven’t watched those movies and don’t plan to.  The very idea is too ridiculous and money-grubby for me.)

I’m also working to read three other books, which are all basically short stories.  I’ll showcase those soon too.  The nice thing about those is you can dip and in out as you please.

A quick quote—slightly abridged—from early in The Gunslinger that I liked.  (I don’t think Mr. King will begrudge me sharing this little snippet):


“Do you still believe in an afterlife?” the gunslinger asked him.

Brown nodded.  “I think this is it.”

And here’s another cool cover from ages past that I liked.