New Superhero Ebook: Young Adults, Native Americans, Kick-Ass Cover


Some of you may have seen my previous cover art tinkerings for this story via my Patreon page or Conspiracy Newsletter.

They were not very impressive.  Oh, I had the right idea, just not the visual talents to pull it off.  My wife keeps asking to help with my covers and I generally say, “Yeah, that’d be great, but I want it done sometime this year…” and then muddle my way through it while she browses the gossip on Facebook.  She finally got tired of hearing that and proved me wrong, resulting in the super-cool cover you see here!

Here’s the description of Medicine Man:

Is the Raven a trickster or a hero?

The Coyote is dead.  And her partner, Medicine Man, is on a rampage through the underworld.  Now is a good time for villains in Mesa City to keep their heads down.

Nakai and Nizoni Proudtree are Navajo kids growing up on the wrong side of the tracks.  In Shadowtown, it’s not cool to root for superheroes.  Even so, stealing the high-tech car of a vengeful crusader on the warpath is probably not a good idea…

But sometimes good kids do what they have to to survive.  And sometimes the healing magic we need most comes from unexpected places.

This young adult fantasy adventure earned an Honorable Mention in the international Writers of the Future Contest.  It also appears within the pages of the costumed mini-collection Masks and is a tale of the Identity Crisis Universe.

 This one is only available in ebook and is already up on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and more of your favorite retailers.


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