Last Chance: Final 2 Days for Super Ebook Giveaway and Sequel Pre-Order


We’re in the final few days for the Masks giveaway and Secret Identities pre-order period!

In honor of my newest release, Secret Identities (Secret Origins: Book 2), I’m giving away TEN e-copies of Masks (SO: Book 1).  

If you’ve already read or purchased Masks, you might want to skip to pre-ordering SIDs (as I affectionately call it).  If you’ve read neither but would like to give them a try, now’s your chance!

You can find the giveaway by clicking here.  This runs until July 14th, at which time ten winners will be randomly chosen by Amazon and notified of what to do next by email.  All you have to do to enter is click a button to follow me on Amazon (easy peasy).  All that means is you’ll get emails from them when I release something new.  That’s it!

Then go right over and pre-order your e-copy of Secret Identities.  Doing so will ensure your ebook is delivered on release day, which is (you guessed it) July 14th.  (It also helps me out, as all pre-orders ping the cyber-machinations on the same day, which boosts its popularity stats and helps get the word out.)  It’s up on Amazon,  B&N,  iBooks, Kobo, and 24 Symbols.

And I have a whole bunch of other stuff happening.  Stay tuned for the great book bundle deals I have up right now too!



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