Personality Test Yourself… And Then See Which Superhero You Are

“Step right up!  Get your personality tested! Find out which superhero YOU are!”

The Chaplain at work has posters of various superheroes and Star Trek characters corresponding to the different personality profiles.  He kept telling me to take the test online and then check out who I match up with.  (He’s a nerd too, obviously.)

Now, some disclaimers: The personality test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.   The test and profile itself is widely accepted in the psychologic community.  The stuff you find online…  may or may not be.  Not to endorse any specific site, but this is where I found and took this one and it seems legit: 

Matching the specific soft-scientific profile to a fictional character…  a bit less legit. But it’s fun, right?  And I’m very happy with my results. 🙂

So my profile came out to INFJ (introvert-intuitive-feeling-judging), which isn’t exactly as I expected but when I read the description of it, yeah, it fits pretty darn well.  And then I read those of what I expected, those did not fit like I thought they would so…  Pretty cool how that works!  I also scored very high (86%) on assertiveness, which surprised me until I thought about it.  Weakling, self-doubting nerd me of 20 years ago would have scored like a 6, but military officer fighting for justice me of today…  yeah, that fits.

So I had already ready checked the wrongly predicted profile at Chap’s office, and decided to ask Dr. Google to find me the right ones.  Here’s a few samples, some oc which are just fitting for my own profile.  In these, I am Batman, Captain America, and the Hulk (Bruce Banner), who are my three favorites!  So that’s cool.  I’m also Patrick Stewart x2 (Captain Picard and Professor X), as well as Dr. Strange, Jean Grey, and Groot.  (Who don’t exactly all sound like they have the same personality profile, right?  Like I said, subjective fun.) On the villain side, I’m Ras al Ghul, the immortal evil genius with tentacles all over the world. Cool….








And just to illustrate the subjectiveness of forcing fictional characters to fit into this, here’s an alternative Captain America that does not match mine:


On the more serious side, I also match up with Martin Luther King, Jr.  (I have a feeling I’ll someday lead the revolt of the masses against the wealthy Illuminati of America…)

So try out test, be amazed at how accurate it (probably) is, and then have some fun with it seeing which character you are. 🙂

And I’d love to know how you match with!  Please leave a comment to share!


4 thoughts on “Personality Test Yourself… And Then See Which Superhero You Are

  1. The Myers/Briggs is really spot on. I’m the Debater and nothing in the universe makes me happier than getting into a good argument over politics of really anything. I guess I match Ironman and Deadpool. I don’t buy the Star Trek one. There’s no way Geordi is an ENTP. Running an engineering department sounds like hell if you are an ENTP. We are idea people who delegate not meticulous tinkerers.


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