Spider-Man Homecoming: The Best Spidey Ever?


I have the advantage of being in The Land of the Rising Sun, where it’s now Friday evening.  So I’ve gotten to see the movie before just about anyone else!

There was a snag in the beginning.  It was supposed to be a 3D showing.  I opened up my little packaged glasses and put them on…  and couldn’t see jack shit.  The right lens was way too dark.  I got up and moved toward the lobby.  So did a lot of other people.  We crowded in and grabbed another pair, returned to our seats, put them on, and…  same thing.  I thought about trying to watch it without the glasses, but that just doesn’t work.  I would only be able to make out about 20% of the visuals for the whole movie.  Just as I was about to go ask for my money back, the house lights came up.  Ten minutes later (or maybe fifteen) we started over watching the regular 2D version and got a free movie voucher on the way out the door.

So there’s a story you didn’t care about.  Tell us about the movie, right?

Well, I’m not going to give you any spoilers.  (I hate that!  I want to discover and enjoy the movie myself.)

Was it the best Spidey movie ever?

It was certainly the cutest one ever.  Lots of great Peter Parker and friends and girl chasing and…  just lots of cute highschool stuff very fitting for the character.  I like very much—and always do in superhero stuff, and try to do the same in my own books—when the real person, the “secret identity,” is the main character. A real breathing person, and they become the superhero.  Really, that just about defines Spider-Man right there.  That’s what made him so popular to begin with, right?  He was nerdy, always got real-person problems Peter Parker.  Spider-Man was him letting loose.  There was plenty of that in this movie, and it was great.

It was by far the funniest Spidey movie ever.  See previous paragraph for hints as to why.

It was also a part of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, which added so much more to it than it just being a standalone Spidey movie.  Lots of other pieces and layers and characters fitting in.  That was great.

The costume was cool and actually made sense.  At first I didn’t care for the sleek design and the tiny little chest spider, but the fact that it comes from Tony Stark makes way more sense than previous iterations where the really cool high-speed low-drag costume was knitted by Peter himself using Aunt May’s crochet needles.  In this movie, the handmade costume LOOKS handmade.  It’s a sweat shirt and sweat pants.  Perfect!

Some kind of off-putting things for old, diehard fans is the remodeling and just plain new supporting cast of characters, but that’s okay.  The same old (and racially monotone, by the way) gang was getting kind of worn out after 50 years.

Michael Keaton is awesome, as you would expect.  The Vulture is finally not a lame old man, but a true badass.  And a working class hero kind of villain, which was cool.  And the whole villain plot fit very well into the greater established universe.  Very nicely done.

So, after all of that, is it the best???  I’m a big fan of the Tobey McGuire/Sam Raimi movies—well, the first and second one, anyway (#3 pretty much sucked).  For me, up until now, Spider-Man 2 with Doc Ock and the whole awesome cast and the plight of Peter Parker stuff…  That was the best of them all.  But now…?

I guess if I was pushed into the corner and made to say which is the best of all, all things considered…  Yes, Virginia, Homecoming is the best ever.  Not an easy call, but yeah, I gotta say it’s so.

In fact, it re-inspired my old childhood love of the character.  More recently, Spidey had taken a back seat for me, especially after those last couple movies.  But I’m loving Spidey for being Spidey again.

So go see it!  (Not that I had to tell you that.  You were going to anyway, weren’t you?)



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