Rejoining a Galaxy at War: New 8th Edition Warhammer 40K


A few more words on my quest to rejoin the 40K Collective.



I have converted the storage shed in the back yard into a painting studio.  At least a spray painting studio.  My buddy Ross left me some nice Citadel spray paints that he couldn’t take in the move, and I’m finally getting around to using them.


Here in this tray are the first recipients: my custom made Eldar Fire Dragons, made from the awesome Dark Eldar Warrior kits and other bits.  I always thought the thorny DE Warriors looked way more dragon-like than the smooth, elegant craftworld carapaces.  I’ll have more on these guys when the unit is finished and painted.

Last week, I bought the 8th ed rule book and 3 Indexes: Marines, Chaos, and Xenos 1, which is all flavors of Eldar plus Necrons.  Every time I browse through one, I get excited and inspired for that army again.

My main marine force is Crimson Fists (naturally–they’re obviously the iconic best!) but I also bought a bunch of Space Wolf stuff last year and have a love for those burly, lusty, savages too.  And I’ve always had a little thing for Dark Angels, too, though not enough to win out over other armies.  Right now, I’m tending toward a small contingent of Dark Angels to take along with Fists or Wolves.

And as I believe in embracing whatever it is that makes that army that army, my unit choices are very flavor specific.  Just about every unit in the Space Wolf force is very wolfy, but I especially favor Thunderwolves, Murderfang, and all the awesome HQs.  And in this new 8th edition and its “power level” point system, there’s generally not much difference between generic heroes and the named characters; like 1 or 2 points, versus the old system of spending 150 for a kitted-out HQ instead of almost 300 for a named HQ.  So there’s little reason to make many of your own.  Just take the guys who are cool and fight, fight, fight!

For Dark Angels, I again favor the flavor: Ravenwing bikers mostly, plus DA chaplains, like Azmodai, the really slick DA jetfighter (aside from a chaos dragon, the only flyer I fancy), and the bone-armored Deathwing terminators.  I’d take a squad of green marines to fill the ranks and just go with a small ally-type detachment.

But I have so much shit already, I don’t see me investing in Dark Angels anytime soon.


Though when I do, I’ll also use those models for Fallen in my Chaos army, along with a homemade Cypher.  He and his tricksy brethren are now in the Chaos index.  I’ve also always loved Huron Blackheart, along with most of the Chaos units, both traitorous and daemonic.  Chaos has endless combinations of cool and fun units, and I could play every weekend for a year and never field the exact same list twice.  Love my Chaos.

But my first 40K love was Eldar.  I started collecting them back when the Aspect Warriors were new in 1991, and they still shine as my fave 40K army.  So that’s where I’m headed right now.  And again, there aren’t many units I don’t like.  (Although my least fave approach is seer-heavy or wraith-heavy, which are both very popular builds.)  Aspect warriors are my bread and butter but my vision is a little darker than the traditional one.  Thus my “Black Phoenix” craftworld I started a few years ago, using mostly Dark Eldar models and kits to build custom guys.  I also love the speed and grace that the Eldar have moved toward in the last few codices, so I’m planning to be kind of jetbike-heavy too.  Oooooh, it’s going to be grand!

Grand, but slow going.  My “plan” (or “intention of a plan”) is to try and produce one completed, painted unit per month for the next six months.  It’s no way to crank out an entire army in short order, but it’s a good goal considering all my other commitments in life.  So we’ll see how that goes.

First up: my Black Phoenix Fire Dragons, including my own badass version of Feugan.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Rejoining a Galaxy at War: New 8th Edition Warhammer 40K

  1. Glad to see the bug has bitten again.

    I was very surprised to see The Fallen in the Chaos Index; pleasantly mind you. I very curious how they’ll approach that with the Dark Angels codex, whenever that is.


  2. Yeah, it’s about time. I like the ongoing mystery aspects around the Fallen and Unforgiven, but at some point there is no point to the mystery if you don’t explore it a bit. Plus, the more colors and variety added to our Chaos options, the better!


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