Thor, Loki, and a Lost Space Fleet

Finally getting around to briefly talk about some reading I’ve done lately.

norse-mythologyA couple months ago I read Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, scored from the base library.  Here’s the quick blurb I wrote on GoodReads:

This was actually more simplistic than I expected.  Really written in the style of oral myth tradition.  Which is to say, without a lot of detail or dialogue.  But nonetheless fast and fun.  It was great to get some of the authentic stories of old.  A great, fun way to educate yourself on the classic tales of Thor, Odin, Loki, and Ragnarok.  And told in an epic, building toward The End fashion.

Definitely recommended!

lostI’m currently reading Jack Campbell’s Dauntless: The Lost Fleet, which has been on my shelf forever.

I’m about 100 pages in.  Enjoying the heck out of it!  Definitely satisfies craving for the space opera.  Great character idea—a long lost war hero found to not be dead after all, coping with the new reality of a future Navy where he’s blindly idolized as a hero and worshiped as infallible.  I like the “this is not the Navy you knew” aspect, as the Navy I serve in is not the one I started in, and never was the one I expected!

Campbell also uses some great real-science elements that I hadn’t considered before.  Most notably the great factors of time and distance in space and how they’d affect fleet combat.

So far, just what the space jockey ordered.

I’m also bouncing between a few short story books, as well as assisting as a reader for an action-adventure anthology coming out soon.  I wish I had more time for reading, but…  I guess we all do.



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