Fantasy Trilogy 50% Off

portrait of a brutal warrior with sword in smokeContinuing my summer reading series of coupon sales, you can now get the entire Tarnish Trilogy for 50% off the normal price on  (If you’re not signed up on SW yet, don’t sweat it, it’s easy-peasy.  And I’m pretty darn sure they take PayPal.)

All you have to do is enter the coupon codes for each book.

And where do I find these valuable codes, you ask?  Well, they’re right there on the book’s page on Smashwords!  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

But just in case, here’s each book’s page and coupon code anyway:

The Quest (Book 1):  PJ24N

Among the Shadows (Book 2):  ZG63K

Heroes and Villains (Book 3):  RB75V

Heroes and Villains, by the way, now also includes the prequel novella The Prince of Luster & Decay.  So you’re basically getting FOUR books, three of them at 50% off and one at 100% off.

Just sayin’.

But act now!  This sale ends when this month ends!  On July 1st, these coupon codes will no longer work!

Do it.  Do it now!

And enjoy.  🙂

And please, tell you friends.  Hell, tell your enemies!  I don’t have a loud enough voice on the internet to get the word out all by myself.


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