World Science Fiction Convention Membership


Just wanted to make this available.  The price is kind of steep (in my budget-necessary opinion) but if you’re interested and you don’t mind the bill, go for it!

According to Mr. Alexander, you just have to be a supporting member to vote.  (Cheapest tier.)

And if you happen to find yourself in Helsinki in August, you’re all set!

I happen to have been stationed in San Antonio a few years back when the convention was held there, which was very nice for me!  I didn’t get a lot of time there, nor did I go downtown on the Riverwalk to party with all the uber-geeks in town looking to let loose (which I’m sure would have been a good time), but I did get to meet Hugh Howey, who’s the poster child of the indie publishing revolution.  So that was nice. He was one panelist on an indie pub forum, which was interesting to listen to.

And the experience got me into the convention center, which allowed me the personal experience necessary to write a certain scene in Twilight of the Gods, which will (I hope) be coming out in 2018.  I have a lot more to write on those books, but I do have a nice chunk already done.  (And once I write the whole thing, beginning to end, I’ll know if it’s going to be two books or three.)



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